Is Cloning Really Worth It?

Is Cloning Really Worth It?

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Cloning: Is it Really Worth It?

     There is much controversy over the issue of cloning. Is it really worth it?

Scientists say yes, but I think not. There are a lot of questions to be answered before we

continue the process of cloning such as the animals’ safety, humans feelings, and the

costs, both financially and emotionally.

     First of all, we must think of the poor, defenseless animals scientists are

experimenting with. It is one thing to kill them for survival, but it is totally wrong for

them to die just to “experiment”. That is just as wrong as murdering an animal to make

a few coats. Out of the many animals that the scientists have tried to clone, very few have

survived and the ones that have are dependent on the scientists for everything down to


     Let’s think about humans for a second. Say your son, daughter, relative, or friend

has passed away. Would you want his or her body cloned? A lot of people might say yes

but I give that a huge no. Even though the body of the loved one you lost is there, there

is no way to really have them back. A clone is just another person that looks like them.

A person’s character is built by experiences he went through and people he has met. I

think many people would be disappointed at the fact that it’s just not the same person.

     Another thing to think about is money. The taxpayers are paying out millions of

dollars on this idea that has no guarantee. What about the taxpayers who oppose cloning?

I know I do not want my hard earned money invested against my will into something that

I feel is wrong and unjust.

     I think that people should be informed on all of the negatives as well as the

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positives, although I feel that there are no positives. I think we as tax payers should have

a say in what our money goes to. I do not want a cent of my money to go toward the

execution of innocent animals for something that has no real purpose, something that the

world could totally do without.

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