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I never in life want to see you again! Door slams. Mother breaks down and cries again. She lies down in her room. Her son lies beside her to comfort her. Mom rubbed him, kissed, and told him she loved him. She woke him up in the morning; he gathered his pajamas from the edge of the bed and on the floor. Mom today was extremely happy this morning. Dad no longer being around and me taking his place was just the thing that mom needed.
     Are there true causes to why there is a desire to want to have sexual preferences with someone younger, vulnerable, and also in the family?
     This is stereotyped as incest or incestuous relationship. A number of thing depression, obsession, passiveness and many others could cause this. When an offender tries to pursue this type of relationship, he or she may use bribing, manipulating situations and or threating action to get what they are after. Once the relationship is started. The victim will reject and will want to expedite the situation because he/she will begin to feel that this is not normal. The victimizer is afraid to stop because as long as he/she know that it is a secret, they are safe; since, it is lawfully wrong and may cause mental disturbance with the child for life.
Father-daughter incest is responsible for 70-90 percent of incestuous relationships, yet this may seem like the only type of incest although there are others: Mother-son incest, the son wanting to keep the mother happy after a separation, divorcee or death can cause this. The son feels as though he must uphold the responsibilities of a fatherly figure. While the son is innocently trying to help the mother, she is taking advantage of the generosity given by her son.

Father-son incest is usually caused by a troublesome or psychotic father figure, though it is not noticeable or violent. It may begin with mutual fondling, masturbation, oral genital contact, or exposures. This type of incestuous relationship is not found very often, it is considered to be breaking two taboos – first the molestation of a child, and second homosexuality. In this case homosexuality is considered to be unimportant as part of the motivation.
Mother – daughter incest is the least reported type of incest, studies show that 97 percent of ht e offenders are men. The 3 percent involve mother-son and mother-daughter relationships.

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As a daughter grows older she may not feel certain of herself let alone her mother and her needs. Yet, she is filled with responsibility towards her mother. When this type of relationship is started the daughter may want to get out and is not able and may have hatred towards her mother for passiveness and the daughter might begin to self-destruct.
Extended – Family applies not only to step – parents but too uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews. The first concern is that, is there an age difference. Two cousins close in age to one another, experimenting with each other on a summer vacation or a weekend visit, is not considered harmful. However, a sixteen-year-old uncle bribing his eight-year-old niece to mutual masturbation is not part of the normal growth and development for either person. Second the living situation is important, if the incestuous relatives live within the household. In the extended family the most common thing is the Grandfather-granddaughter incest (since) the offender is a grandfather and is considered to be nonsexual). If he married or has a widow he is no longer to be considered sexually active, and no one would ever suspect him as an offender of such a crime. The reason this may come about is that the Grandfather is no longer feeling that he is upholding his reputation as once he did when he was younger, and unable to cope with the aging process. He wants to have companionship and did not have to worry of rejection and or disapproval. He confides in someone who likes to be around him and thinks that he is fun to be around.
Sibling incest is considered to be more widespread than father–daughter incest. Though there is no reliable information about how deep the situation evolves. There are three types of sibling incest: older brother – younger sister incest, older sister – younger brother incest, and same sex incest. The older brother – younger sister parallels the father-daughter symptoms. The older sister – younger brother is caused by her being intimidated by her peers. The same-sex incest is considered to be normal until the age of seven is reached.
     In these different types of incest there are two types overt and covert. Overt incest takes place when there is actual sexual contact between the incestuous ones. Covert is the type when a child is forced to watch pornographic movies, look at magazines with pornography within, and or having pictures taken while undressing, and being watched while bathing.
     This type of misconduct amongst parents begins when peer have low opinions of themselves, even when they have a good paying job and everything is going in their favor. They feel as though there is a lack of control on their sexual and emotional lives, and wish to find comfort within. Sometimes the use of alcohol and drugs lower self-control, which lead to sexual abuse.
The reaction is different because the victim may feel betrayed by someone they love, loss of trust. Victims blame themselves for partaking in the incestuous event and are made to feel guilty by having to bear the burden of being able to tell no one. This also brings the victims personal opinion down about themselves because they have been entangled in an unusual circumstance to where as they may self-destruct or become disoriented by being involved. This could also lead to cause physical problems as in self destruction, committing suicide, overeating, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, fear of dating, and starting incest in their own family. When a person is noticed for excessive bathing, eating, lack of eating, fear of certain people, nightmares and or problems of sleeping, excessive crying, running away from home, and refusal to talk to friends are signs of an incest victim and or effects of one. When the victim is alone he/she finds comfort in reading a book it tends to distract the readers mind off of what is really happening to them.
Th offender is not truly effected, except by the fact that they are in a deficit and has caused a monstrosity for the victim and him/herself. All other offender would like is to try to keep this between the victim and them. That is basically the only worry that the offender has whatsoever. The offender by this time is considered to mentally unstable.
     Instinct will play a strong role in how incest is carried throughout the family. Father –daughter incest could be interpreted as older brother – younger sister incest. The father may be having an incestuous relationship with his daughter and the son also. Saying that nether one of them knows about he other, this type of thing may seem as a natural feeling to the young girl. She becoming accustomed to the brother and the father sexual activities upon her. Since this is happening to her at the same time she does not know any other standards to follow, this is her life and she believes that this behavior is acceptable in life (for she knows not the difference in right or wrong upraising). The same thing with mother-son and older sister – younger brother incest. The son will soon grow up to continue this pattern and teach it to his future family if he is not corrected before marriage.
     The initiation of sibling abuse is from being isolated from his/her parent(s). When the offense is committed he/she is reliving stress, humiliation, and confinement. This could also mutual relationship between the both. The victimizer will mostly start because they are not confident in themselves to find anyone amongst his or her peers.
     This type of relationship can be avoided if there is good timely communications that occurs regularly in the household. It will help the parents and children to understand what is going on in the household, and teach their children or child how to respond to inappropriate questions, comments, touching, hugging, fondling, patting, and kissing. The most important are the type of games that are allowed to be played, and what games should never be played regardless of the circumstances of others.
          When everything is all over, the family must learn how to recuperate and have an emotional standpoint of view. The task of reconciliation after such a betrayal is rather difficult to commence to especially if the member moves back into the household, but normally, they do not return back to that same environment; they try to start a new life

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