Inaugural Address to the People of the US

Inaugural Address to the People of the US

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Inaugeral Address to the People of the US
                    Hello ladies and gentleman, citizens of the United States of America. Today I will be reading to you my inaugural address, and will hopefully cover any and all issues or questions you may have about why you should, and trust me, you should, vote for me to be your president. The ten issues I will be addressing in my speech are: education, medical care, employment, welfare, crime, drug trafficking, language, environment, media, and abortion. Let me start with education.

     Education is not something to be taken lightly. To many kids today are not getting sufficient education, starting as soon as kindergarten. My plan for education is to set guidelines and standards that will be relevant in every school. By a certain grade, each student should have been taught everything sufficient for that level of education. This way all students will have been taught the same amount of information at the same time. I would take away AP classes and instead put children who learn at an accelerated rate in their choice of a grade above their current level, or at a school specifically designed for children of their intelligence. This way in public schools, children not in AP classes will not in any way feel inferior. I will press for smaller classes, and more teachers, that way, children can get more individual attention that so many of them need. I will also make it so that colleges must pay more attention to the motivation of the student rather then the grade point average. To often high school students get rejected from colleges because their grade point average doesn’t meet the standards of a certain school.

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Depending on each individual, I think college admittance personnel should take a closer look into the background of the student, and make sure that there isn’t something that prevented a higher grade point average, (such as a learning disability, medical leave, a death in the family, etc,) rather then just assuming the student is lazy. More emphasis should be put on teacher commentary then a silly number.
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