In search of peachy love

In search of peachy love

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     The love between father and daughter. Sometimes it's shared, however most often the father loves the daughter unconditionally whatever might happen. This peach story is very sad and colorless, to a point where if we did not
have the peaches one would not be able to finish reading it.
     One day we have this father and daughter relationship. The girl whom from what we get in the story rarely comes to see her father: "although she couldn't remember when they had been together before" pg 60. The father who tries his hardest to make sure the girl has at least good memories of him. The girl seems to all thought the story treat her father like a business partner. In retrospective she still thinks about the littlest things that make him who he is from what he is wearing to the hairs on his mustache. I really could not tell if she really enjoyed her time at his house beyond telling him toward the end, or if she only thought he was funny: "Anyhow they were together and he was kind of funny." This is the last that we see of any love coming from the daughter's side.
     In this relationship the father tries to make his daughter like she is at home, by this showing that he loves her immensely. In the story there are several occasions that show that he misses his little girl and in his own way tries to convince her to stay a little longer. Through the simplest detail he lives out the best moment with his daughter. When they are out on a walk she spots a bunch of peaches through a store window, so he buys them for her appeasement. In his mind he cannot wait to share them with her. This way he could recall how she enjoyed the taste of the peaches he bought for her. Dad sits down, gives his daughter the best looking fruit and for himself he takes the only flawed piece of the peach bunch he bought. These fruit they share are the only way we know from the story they find a middle ground. The pair enjoys their treat in silence, father eating the good half of his fruit and daughter finishing hers. From his spoiled half of the peach and unwanted guest pays them a visit. This tiny Gaston, worm, bug etc. gives them the best topic of conversation so far.

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The girl and the man observe the worm as it tries to feel around his surroundings. For a minute his daughter even feels for the worm and understands how her father thinks. The girl feels and overwhelming urge to eat a similar peach how she blatantly puts 'with people in it', and her father obliges yet again to this wish. The girl sits there thinking about how this tiny worm had his home taken from him the phone rings. It is her mother.
     The mother in this story is non-existent, luring the girl away with a more dazzling party offer. Mother and daughter share a brief discussion about her daughter's visit with the father ending with the discussion about the father's weirdness. "Is he funny? Yes. Is he crazy? Yes. I mean, no. He just doesn't holler when he sees a bug crawling out of a peach seed or anything. He just looks at it carefully. But it is just a bug, isn't' it, really? That's a;; it is And we'll have to squash it?" pg 65 This is their whole discussion and after this the funny weird spell the daughter was under gets broken. After this the girl decides :" The open halves of the peach seed were wrong, too. They were ugly or something. They weren't clean. In light of the mother's glam party offer the wondrous peach home to a bug turns into something never to be thought of again, something
better to be buried.
     When the daughter asked her father a series of questions he patiently
answered. He sees the experience has interested his daughter so, he goes off to buy a kilo of peaches. In one series he does not find any flawed ones. In the second his luck is better and he manages to get two flawed examples. He happily returns home thinking he is about to experience another wonder full moment with his daughter. His daughter's reaction, the interest and her talking to him differently than just answering is worth more than tons of gold. He sees his daughter thrust back into the glam world of parties. Now she clearly does not care about a spoiled peach with a Gaston inside. He is sorry to find out that she squished the little peach dweller, and gives the daughter what she wishes. The daughter's things were packed and she was off for another more fun adventure, a party in New York city. After all what is a party to some peach infested with a bug? The chauffeur arrives and he makes a hard decision for his daughter deciding against the decision of hugging her. They, in the end maintain their business relationship.
     Where is the father and daughter love in this story. We don't know much about this so called family, but there isn't much love coming from the daughter's side. More often times this is also what happens in our lives, with either the father or the daughter striving to go their separate ways. This is not a story filled with much symbolism, although there might be something that the author thought by choosing the peach as the fruit. In the Chinese mythology the peach symbolizes longevity, and I don't see much weight in this story. Maybe, it could be used to symbolize the ending longevity of the father and daughter relationship. That is a different discussion altogether. Will she remember howher father went out of his way to give her those happy memories, in contrast to the mother's invitation? Sadly, we will never know.
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