The Benefits of Immigration in the United States

The Benefits of Immigration in the United States

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The Benefits of Immigration in the United States

     America is known famously throughout the world with the nickname 'The melting pot.' The reason behind this is that America is extremely diverse and has many different people. Immigrants give America the chance to know the culture of many countries. They bring in their culture, religion, economic benefits, and ideology to America. I believe that the United States should allow legal immigrants from all over the world because they bring many benefits to it. Immigrants are a positive influence on United States of America.

     Immigrants have been the start of this great nation. So why argue now that allowing foreign people into America is dangerous? Some people might argue that legal immigration is the cause of overpopulation. This is not true at all because immigrants make merely half of America's population (mruthydotcom). Out of them about 40% of them are illegal immigrants making the U.S border patrol responsible for them (world overpopulation). Another argument that might be brought up is that immigration causes environmental damage. This cannot be proven but we can prove that it is the American citizens themselves that cause this by their expensive lifestyle. Americans consume more per capita than the rest of the world (world overpopulation). Every one in United States has resources like water, electricity, and arable land for granted and we don?t even realize what we can do with out the resources. If you compare them to immigrants who migrated from other countries you see that immigrants have more value for these resources. If you consider the environment they came from, they are more likely to preserve the resources available to them.

People might continue to argue and bring up the issue of terrorism. There is no solid proof that legal immigration is the cause of terrorism. Terrorism cannot be stopped and can be caused by anyone inside or outside the U.S. People can still fly over wherever they want to terrorize. Finally the problem of communication is brought into the argument of immigration. In a recent study it shows that more than 60% of the immigrants that migrate tend to learn English and speak it during their daily lives and this percentage is raising (VOA news).

Language is part of the few benefits that immigrants bring with their culture. United States benefits from cultures of the many immigrants that migrate to the U.S. the variation of different languages brings great benefit to the U.

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S. Every one in United States speaks a common language which is English. But with different people coming from differ countries, they bring along with them languages such as French, Arabic, Spanish, Urdu and many more. These languages give Americans a chance to learn a new language and benefit from it in long run. Also in present day, languages, which I mentioned earlier, are given as an option in school curriculum. As I had mentioned before, some times immigrants are blamed that they don?t know how to speak in English, which causes communication problems among people. But again that is not entirely true because a recent university of southern California study shows that immigrants of today learn English more quickly than the immigrants of 20 years ago (Latour, 1). So in this case immigrants spread the knowledge of their language and in return improve their skills in English so that they can communicate and do business with other people in an easy way.
This brings me to my next point about immigrants and business. Immigrants bring many benefits to the U.S when it comes to business. Immigrants are more likely to start their own businesses and create more job opportunities for U.S. and foreign workers. Immigrants offer manpower that America really needs. Immigrants take up labor jobs that Americans dislike to do for example: factory workers, maids and cleaners. They get low wages for these jobs. In 1990, for example, recently arrived male immigrants were paid 32% less than native workers. So if immigrants don?t work at low wages, than the Americans would have to pay more, which the immigrants also end up doing.

Immigrants pay higher taxes than the native born. Immigrants have helped and benefited United States economy in many ways. The net benefit of immigration to United States is nearly $10 billion annually. They eventually end up paying 80,000 dollars more in taxes than they receive in government benefits over their lifetime (Latour, 2). So this tells us that the Immigrants coming into the U.S actually help the economy rather than damaging it.

Put yourself in an immigrant?s position. What if you were an immigrant migrating from a war struck country coming to America to find a better life for you and your family? You were coming to America because you heard it was a land of opportunity. What if you came and found out that you couldn?t live here because you are damage to the U.S? What if you were told that you couldn?t live on a land created for all men not just Americans?
To conclude I say that immigration brings great benefits to the United States. Immigrants and their hard works started this grand country made it what it is today. If immigrants could do it before then immigrants can do it again. Therefore legal immigration should not be banned in the United States of America. Imagine how many great improvements immigration will cause to the U.S in the near future.


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