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More Immigrants find roots in U.S. Soil

1     Using the text from the book there are three demographic variables; fertility, mortality, and migration. Fertility is the number of children an average woman bears (text pg. 394). Mortality refers to the annual number of deaths per 1,000 population (text pg 394). Finally, migration in the difference between number of people moving in (immigrants) and the number of people moving out (emigrants) per 1,000 poplulation (text pg 394), and the best description of the recent immigration to southwest Michigan is migration. The article “More Immigrants find roots in U.S. Soil” cites that some reasons for this is the opportunities offered. Since many traditional farmers are getting older and are retiring to warmer climate and the offspring choose careers other than farming, many farm owners are selling their farms to the help. These “help” are usually minorities. Also with the minorities farming other minority groups chooses their products to purchase; therefore the groups help each other.

2     Since the 1970 more and more people are choosing to move from the city and suburbs to rural areas. Southwest Michigan is a perfect example of why people are moving to rural areas. With the help of highways and other transportation, movement is easy and quick, right between big cities such as Chicago and Detroit. The low crime rate, the sense of safety and cost of living all make southwest Michigan very inviting to any individual or family.

3     Sociologist William Kandal quoted “farming may be the rural equivalent of driving a cab.” In many urban cities and suburbs many immigrant find jobs as taxi cab drivers. Now in rural areas many immigrants are finding jobs as farmers and farmers helpers and characterized as the “rural taxi cab driver.”

4     Traditionally, immigrants had moved to cities first when settling the U.S., this is called urbanization. Urbanization differs from that of the rural rebound of southwest Michigan. Traditionally people moved from the rural areas only when there was a surplus of food and they were not needed to produce food, as opposed to the migration to southwest Michigan, because immigrants are moving there to produce food.

5     What stands out between the fastest growing and fastest shrinking U.S. Cities is geographic location. Most of the colonial states such as N.Y., PA, CT, RI, are all experiencing shrinking population, while the Western U.S. is experiencing increasing population. The main factors for this is that more and more people are less needful of fertile land to support themselves and there families.

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With many kinds of transportation, people can get all the supplies they need, fresh, inexpensive, and efficient.

6     One of the benefits of urbanization is community, the sense or feeling that we belong. With close knit groups we are very near to people. Also urbanization can be beneficial because of the convenience and cultural benefits. Some of the downsides or cost of urbanization is alienation or the feeling of being alone or not belonging. Other costs of urbanization are the actual cost of property, high crime rate and violence.

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