Personal Opinion Regarding Religion and Life Changes

Personal Opinion Regarding Religion and Life Changes

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"Deleted the name of the church" What it’s Really Like

I can’t understand it, but most people look at me and my friends and think we’re born saved. People judge us and say we don’t know what it’s like, but they haven’t lived in our shoes!! We had to do a lot to get where we are and because the devil knew our potential, we probably had it worse off than they did before we got saved. I can’t tell you everything about my friends, but I know what my life was like and it often led me to think of suicide (because the devil wanted to take my life). God knew what struggles it would take to get me here. Most of the time when my friends and I share old stories we look at each other like “you know you are lying”…but we don’t lie anymore (praise be to God).
We are living testimonies to what God can do. People say “God would never want me” or “I can’t go to church living the way I am”. Duh! That’s why you need to go to church. Growing up I was molested by family and my mother’s male friends. Don’t get me wrong my mother did not let it happen.
I had a dysfunctional family. My father was in jail. I was insecure. I was, as my mother says, very promiscuous. I’m not trying to tell a sob story. I’m trying to say my life was hell too!!
I’m trying to say for most of my life I was just like you! Yea I did drugs too, I stole too, I got drunk too, I was into gangs too, I loved rap music too, and I thought I was a freak too. I had many demons!!! That’s all it was. I was deceived. God knew what it would take to get me here because he loved me.
He chose me before I was born to walk this walk. Nobody else can be me. I can’t tell you my whole life. I can’t explain how good he is without leaving out the truth about how good he is because his goodness is too great to explain to the world.

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You have to see. Just like that saying “I can show you a lot better than I can tell you”.
I know he’s real. I wish I could tell it all, but I can’t… it’s not enough time in the world to tell you how good he is. All I’m saying is that you should let him be “real” in your life. He’s “real” in mines and real good too!!! All those things you think will satisfy you in this world, they don’t work at all. It’s a trick from the devil.
We are not fake. We have real lives and we gave ours to Christ because nothing else was working. I’ve been at Church and walking with God for a whole year. I used to say “I can’t wait until I get older”, but now since I’ve been saved I don’t want to get older because I let all my young years past me by. It’s been the best year of my entire life. I wish I had done it earlier.
I wasted all that time hurting myself and killing my self and working death into my life. I did it to myself. Just like my favorite song says “God has been better to me than I even know how to be to myself”. So what… maybe your case is different from mines…don’t belittle my God. I bet he’s saved someone worse off than you. I bet he’s saved someone younger than you.
What are you waiting for?, ‘Till you’ve wasted your time making your life worst by running after things that are bad for you? It’s like a kid playing with the socket Your Father (the Lord ) is calling you and holding out his hand, so take his hand before your time is up!!! If he’s calling you now… maybe it’s because he knows you won’t have a chance tomorrow. You’re breaking his heart and yours! Just taste…I know for sure that he won’t let you down and I don’t lie “anymore”.
I’m 16 or should I say I’m 1 ½ (spiritually) or is it 15 years I wasted killing myself. Kids die everyday. Please don’t hesitate. Salvation is not offered after Judgment day. Today is the day!

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