how do image and sound create meaning and what other functions does so

how do image and sound create meaning and what other functions does so

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Baby's First Sweater
size:     6 months - 1 year; chest size: 21 1/2"; finished size: 22"
materials: 4-ply worsted weight yarn; needles size 8, 1 ¼ yrds 3/8" satin ribbon
gauge: stockinette stitch on size 8 needles-- 9 stitches = 2"      6 rows = 1"

back: cast on 50 stitches (sts)
•     row 1: work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 6 rows.
•     row 7: work in stockinette stitch until 7” from beg. end purl row.
•     note: width across back is 11".
sleeve shaping: cast on 24 sts at end of just worked purl row. Now 74 sts.
next row: knit (k) across row. cast on 24 sts. now 98 sts.
row 2: p across row.
row 3: rep rows 1 & 2 to 4” above last cast on sts. last row is right side
row 1: work 39 sts. Slip to stitch holder. BO 20 sts for neck. Work remaining 39 sts.
•     row 2: work on the 39 sts for 4 rows in stockinette stitch (st st).
•     row 6: work across row. inc 1 st at end of row for neck edge, and 1 st at same edge every other row 2 times more. now 42 sts.
•     next row: work 42 sts for 2 rows in st st. cast on 9 sts at end of last row for front edge. there are now 51 sts.
•     row 11: knit 5 for front border, purl to last 5 sts, knit 5.
•     row 12: k.
•     row 13: rep rows 11 & 12 until sleeve is 8” end at cuff edge.
•     next row: bind off 24 sts at beginning of row, work across row. working in garter st at front edge work on the 27 sts to match back to garter st border. then k 6 rows. bind off. slip sts off holder onto needle with the point of the needle at neck edge. join yarn and work across 39 sts. work 3 more rows (4 rows worked).
•     next row: increase 1 st at beginning of row, and 1 st at same edge every other row twice more. end at cuff edge. there are now 42 sts.
•     next row: work across row in st st. cast on 9 sts at end of row for front edge.

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there are now 51 sts. finish same as other side. bind off.

Neckband: with right side facing, starting at right front edge, pick up and k 13 sts along neck edge, pick up and k 20 sts along back of neck edge, pick up and K remaining 13 sts along left front neck edge. now 46 sts.
next row: k across row for 6 rows. bind off.

finishing: sew underarm and sleeve seams. trim with ribbon ties. embellish with french knots in contrasting colors (optional).

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