Household Waste!

Household Waste!

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Household Waste!

     One morning my mom said "Andy, get up and clean the bathroom!" It was
always an essential and important labor to the family. I got up and gathered all
the normal cleaning agents we used; Ajax, ammonia, and this liquid bleach that
my mom said worked wonders. The toilet I cleaned using the Ajax the sink I
cleaned using the Ajax there seemed to be no need for the other two. Then I saw
it- the bath tub, AH! There was a ring around the bath tub that I knew would be
difficult to clean off. I decided to add the ammonia I scrubbed at the ring but
it was not coming off. I then looked around thinking what to do…
     "The Bleach!" I shouted aloud. And then -- it hit me, my mom's hand.
     "Never, Never, Never, use Bleach with ammonia. Infact don't mix any
chemicals with one another."

     This is an excellent example of common mistakes people make when dealing
with household chemicals/cleaners. In this assignment I will examine different
cleaners commonly used in my house.

I Ajax

     I go to the cupboard and find a can of the powder, Ajax. The can use to
have a piece of tape to cover the top but now it has been lost; a potential
problem. The can has an expiration date on it, 9/98. This expiration date may be
incorrect because that piece of tape to cover it has been lost for some time now.

II Windex

     In the cupboard in the upstairs bathroom is where we keep the Windex.
The Windex is blue and clearly labeled, with no chance of any person mistaking
it for something else. The top part is tightly screwed on with Windex filled to ¾
of the original volume. I cannot find any expiration date, nor can I find any
hint there ever was one. I should contact the product vender to see if the
Windex is immortal or what.

III Vinegar

     I go to the kitchen cupboard and find vinegar. Vinegar is what we use to
mop our tile floor with. The vinegar has an "Easy flip-off cap!" and is about
half of what it originally was. This too, has no evidence of an expiration date.
I don't think I need to contact the item vendor because it's only vinegar.

IV Formula 409

     Next to the Ajax in our "Cleaner-Cupboard" we carry Formula 409, the
ideal for kitchen clean-up. It is clearly labeled with no chance for

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misplacement (unless someone puts something else in there when it is empty). The
cap is tightly placed on it without any visible breakage. There like most of the
others, has no expiration date. Maybe it is immortal too!


     With all of these household cleaners/chemicals there is a potential
source of danger. With these cleaners/chemicals there is a potential source of
quality. It is just that we need to take care of it so we will be okay. We must
be careful and not mix thing together, burn things, or any other improper use of
them. If we follow the directions we will be safe.
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