homeless in new york city winter

homeless in new york city winter

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A/G          Have you ever asked yourself why don’t this homeless person just go and                stay in a shelter and eat and sleep in a warm place an d leave me alone?
S/P          Today I will inform my audience about the decisions homeless people have                to make.
C/I          Many homeless people opt to stay on the streets rather than in a shelter.
V/S          After today you will understand why homeless people who live on the street.
Our homeless society is now growing very quickly and uncontrollably.
I. New York City began this year with the largest number of homeless people crammed into
shelters since the city began keeping count 20 years ago.
A. The coalition for the homeless has broken the homeless population into three      segments: single adults, adults with families and children.
1.     A whooping 43% of the homeless population is children. The children are by far the largest and fastest growing segment.
2.     Adults in families account for the second largest segment with 35 % of the homeless population.
3.     Topping it off single adults consist of 22% of the homeless population.
B. These figures do not include all those people who do not stay in shelters. There are      approximately 4000 homeless people living on the street. But I this case there are      more adults then children.
II. Many of the people who stay in a shelter say it’s like being in prison. The condition of
many shelters are usually unsafe or unhealthy or even both.
A. There is a number of national studies documenting the damage homelessness inflicts
upon children.
1. One study constructed by the Better Homes Fund concluded that homeless            children have twice the health problems of those who live in homes.
B. A homeless man who goes by the name of “Red” says that shelters are very unsafe.      While in a shelter he once was stabbed and robbed for his sneakers. He says he      rather ride the trains all night before he stays in another shelter.
C. Even families hit the streets before they’ll stay in shelters. This means there are      hundreds of children on the streets, too.
III. The New York Post says major Bloomberg ordered an outdoor encampment, built
underneath a Bronx expressway, torn down.
A. He said at a press conference that the outdoors is no place to sleep.
B. When I brought this up with “Red” he told me that Bloomberg’s concern is not for      the number of homeless people who refuse to be regulated to the city’s      overburdened overcrowded and under funded shelter system, instead for the      beautification of the city.

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IV. For those homeless people who are like “Red” and refuse to stay in shelters, because of
the shelters condition, are now trying to find somewhere warm to reside for the winter.
These people who try to battle the winter on the streets do not have to completely fend
for themselves.
A. There are many different organizations out there just to help people like them. One             of these organizations is called Midnight Run.
      1. Before the city’s homeless scatter into their hideaways for the night they wait for       Midnight Run.
      a. The Journal News says that the Dobbs Ferry organization is an association of            more than 100 churches, synagogues and schools in Westchester, Rockland             and Putnam who travel by van to Manhattan to deliver clothing, food,             blankets and personal care items to the unsheltered who call the streets their            home.
      b. In addition to providing these men and women with the necessary items to                 keep warm some students like to strike up conversations, listen and learn.                 Many of the students are moved by how grateful so many of the                      homeless people are for not only the clothes but for the company.
      c. When it gets severely cold the work of Midnight Run is literally a matter of                 life and death.
     This city’s homeless rate is rising as the years pass by. And more of these people will      end up on the streets.
      To conclude it’s predicted that these problems will only worsen in 2005. This crisis      can be described as a national epidemic of homelessness that is destroying the health      of our city and affecting the most vulnerable section of our population – The      children.

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