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San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) is a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex.

If you have a question about sex, we'll either answer it or refer you to someone who can! We answer sex questions and offer referrals to resources like books, support groups, organizations, doctors, therapists, Web sites, and more. Ask questions by e-mail or by phone on our phone switchboard.

Our volunteers undergo extensive training in all aspects of human sexuality, including reproduction, birth control, safer sex practices, HIV, sexual identity, and gender identity. Would you like to learn more about us?

San Francisco Sex Information is a California certified provider of continuing education for psychotherapists and social workers (PCE # 3387). The Sex Educator Training meets the qualifications for 36 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs and LCSWs as required by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. Arrangements for CE credit must be made in advance by contacting the Training Coordinator: SFSI does not provide refunds for non-attendance.

The Sex Educator Training also fulfills the 10-hour human sexuality pre-licensure coursework requirement for marriage & family therapy interns and clinical social work interns.

Sex Educator Training Spring 2005

Learn basic sex information, communication, and education skills, plus gain personal insight. Topics include:

* Sex, gender, and orientation.
* Listening effectively.
* Identifying your judgments and assumptions.
* Now accepting applications for Spring, 2005. Interviews are in March and classes are in April and May.
* Class dates have been announced.

--> Learn about training

Local Events

Quick Look at events:

Saturday March, 19th at 9pm -
3rd Annual "Catholic School Karaoke Party/Prom" at The 540 Club

--> Learn about SFSI events

Contact SFSI

--> Ask questions by phone
--> Ask questions by e-mail
--> Offer Web site feedback
--> Ask questions about SFSI itself

How You Can Help SFSI

--> Tell teachers about SFSI
--> Tell doctors about SFSI
--> Tell journalists about SFSI
--> Tell friends about SFSI
--> Request SFSI flyers & cards to distribute
--> Volunteer with SFSI
--> Donate to SFSI online

Learn About Sex!

You may find your answers on our frequently asked questions pages, by searching for a topic in the search box at the top of every page, or just ask us by phone or e-mail.
Ask SFSI by phone!      

Ask by Phone

(415) 989-SFSI — Please help support our organization provide this service.

Our hours are Monday-Thursday 3-9pm, Friday 3-7pm, and Saturday 2-6pm, Pacific time. We are not open holidays or holiday weekends.

For east coast people, note that our hours are Monday-Thursday 6pm-midnight, Friday 6-10pm, and Saturday 5-9pm, Eastern time.

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We are not a phone sex service. We do not accept calls of that nature.

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