Loyalty in Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell

Loyalty in Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell

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Loyalty in  Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell  

Is loyalty really a thing to die for? Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell Sure did think so in the two poems they were a part of The term loyalty means to be faithful and true to anything one is a part of Both Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell exemplify this trait. This trait of loyalty makes these two characters similar in their poems. They are similar in ways such as how they both have to go on missions, both are leaving something behind, and both are skilled at what they do. The situations Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell are involved in, along with the loyalty each exemplifies teach important lessons in the poems. This lesson is the ironic outcome of loyalty. Sir Patrick Spens' and Bonnie George Campbell's similarities in that they both have to go on missions, both are leaving something behind them, and both are skilled at what they do relates to their loyalty and the ironic outcome of this loyalty.

    Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell decided to go on missions in which they knew there was a good chance they would never come back. This is shown in "Sir Patrick Spens" by what the poem says referring to Sir Patrick Spens' reaction to a letter he receives that tells him that he has to go on this mission. The poem says about his reaction:

The first line that Sir Patrick red,
A loud lauch launched he,
The next line that Sir Patrick red,
The teir blined his ee. ( I 1- 16)

Although Patrick was very sad about having to go on his mission, he still went to be loyal to his king. -The same situation occurred with Bonnie George Campbell in his poem. It can be inferred by the way he says good bye to his mother and bride that he is sad to leave and that he knows he may never come back. George still goes on his mission because he feels he needs to be loyal to his country when they need him in this time of war.

    Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell were both leaving something behind to go on their missions so they can be loyal to their king and country Bonnie George Campbell leaves his family behind him to go on this mission as shown by these lines:

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Out came his mother dear,,
Greeting fu sair,
And out cam his bonnie bride,
Riving her hair. (9-12)

From these lines, one can infer that George loves his family and they are very dear to him. George has to be very loyal to his country to give up something as important as a family. Sir Patrick Spens is also leaving something behind that is very dear to him. Even though the poem doesn't directly tell us this, we can infer it by how he starts crying when he finds out that his king askes him to go on his mission. These two men show their loyalty by how they give up important things just to be loyal to their king and country.

    Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell are very skilled at what they do. They use these skills to be loyal to their king and country. In "Sir Patrick Spens", the knight tells us about Patrick by saving " 'Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor, / That ever sailed the se' - (7-8). This skill of being a great sailor is one thing that makes him loyal If he decided not to go on the mission, it can be inferred that everyone would think he was a coward. Bonnie George Campbell can also be considered skilled at what he does. This is being a soldier. One can interpret this because George has a horse to ride on-. Only a skilled soldier or higher officer would have a horse to ride on in days of this poem (the 1500s). By going off to fight for his country, George uses his skills to be loyal to his country

    In the two poems, Sir Patrick Spens' and Bonnie George Campbell's loyalty has an ironic outcome of death- Both these men end up dying on their missions. This is ironic because one would think that for something as heroic as what they do, they would be rewarded. Instead, they end up dead, Although loyalty is a good thing, it has its tragic consequences as shown in the case of Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell.

    Sir Patrick Spens' and Bonnie George Campbell's similarities in that they both have to go on missions, both are leaving something behind them, and both are skilled at what they do relates to their loyalty and the ironic outcome of this loyalty. These men's similarities show the loyalty that they have for their king and country. Although they both knew there was a good chance of death on their missions, they still went on the missions just to be loyal. Sir Patrick Spens and Bonnie George Campbell had some things that were very dear to them, yet they left these things to be loyal to their king and country. These men were very skilled at what they did and they used these skills to be loyal. Although this loyalty seems to be good, it has tragic consequences as the two men die during their missions to be loyal.

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