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Hemmingway’s Influence

Ernest Hemmingway is one of the greatest writers of all time. Like many great authors he was influenced by the world in which he lived. The environment that surrounded him influenced Hemmingway. These included such things as serving in the war and living in post war areas where people went to forget about the war. Another influence on his writings was his hobbies. He loved the great outdoors. He spent a lot of his time deep sea fishing and enjoying bull fighting. These influences had an impact on Hemmingway and they were expressed in his writing.

Ernest Hemmingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21, 1899. Early in his life Hemmingway expressed a strong interest in the outdoors. He started fishing and hunting with his father very early. Hemmingway was educated in the public schools and as soon as he completed high school he started working for the Kansas City Star. After several years of working for them he moved to Spain. Here he became an ambulance driver and infantryman in World War II. He was also a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War. During the war he was one of the first wounded. He was shot in the knee and spent a while in a hospital in Milan, Italy. Here he met Agnes, a nurse, and fell in love with here but she didn’t love him and he was deeply hurt by this. Then he went to France and spent several years there as a correspondent for the Toronto Star. It was here he that began his serious writing career. After that Hemmingway moved to Spain. It was here that he developed a love for bullfighting. He spent day after day watching the fighters. He even decided to try it for a short time but wasn’t very successful. He realized that by watching and writing he could express the art of bullfighting to everyone. After this Hemmingway moved to Cuba and became a deep-sea fisherman. He spent all day out on the sea and often went out just to be on the ocean. Hemmingway was very successful at fishing and loved the way of life in Cuba. Hemmingway then decided to take up deep big game hunting in Africa. This to he was very successful at and became a world-renowned hunter. After this he moved back to the states and spent a couple more years writing.

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In 1954 Hemmingway won the Nobel Prize for literature. Then on July 2, 1961 Ernest Hemmingway committed suicide and ended his magnificent writing career.
(www.mcgill, TLC, TCA)

First of all Hemmingway’s writing is influenced by his past atmospheres. Hemingway’s short story In Another Country is influenced by an experience he had in the war. First of Hemmingway spent a while in a hospital in Milan, Italy for being shot in the knee. Hemmingway bases this story in Milan, Italy in the same hospital. Next the young boy in the story is actually young Hemmingway. The boy is shot in the knee and could not walk for several weeks. This exact same thing happened to Hemmingway during his time in Milan. In addition the boy meets a nurse. Her name is Agnes and the boy likes her very much. Hemmingway also fell in love with his nurse and her name was also Agnes. Next Hemmingway puts himself in the boy’s shoes. After Hemmingway he had been shot he realized war was not a great place to be and didn’t want to go back. The in the story say “we only knew that there was the war, but we were not going there any more” (Another 67). In conclusion Hemmingway bases this story on himself and his experience in WWII.
Further more Hemmingway found a new life after the war. He became a carefree traveler like so many people in the post war movement. He saw enough killing for his time and just wanted to have fun. Hemmingway went to Pamplona, Italy for the great festival. He spent most of his time drinking and making friends. Hemmingway was a wonderer and these experiences began to surface in his writing. The book The Sun Also Rises Hemmingway wrote about the time he spent in Italy. A group of easygoing aristocrats decided to get out of France and all its pressures and go to the festival in Pamplona. This group consisted of Jake, Brett, and Cohn. These people act just as Hemmingway did. They stay up all night and drink from sunrise to sunrise only stopping when they pass out. They loved living like that and so did Hemmingway. On July 6th the festival began and they drank all day and all night for 7 days. Hemmingway wrote this book about his own experiences after WWII.
Next Hemmingway reached the point when he was done with the rest of the world. He shut his ears to everyone including his family. “A type of alcoholic anger set in his soul” (Marcel Mitran). On April 23rd, Ernest Hemmingway tried to commit suicide for the first time. He tried to kill himself by putting a shotgun to his head. Hemingway was physically etiolated, and profoundly psychotic. These occurrences were expressed through his story A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. Two waiters sit inside a café and watched a drunken old man sit and drink his heart out. One waiter says to the other “Last week he tried to commit suicide… he was in despair”(The Snows 69). The old man was also deaf and so was Hemmingway. Neither listened to anyone. They were both in their own world. The old man also had a wife once but that was a long time ago. When Hemmingway wrote this he had ended his relationship with his wife and was feeling very lonely. Shortly after Hemmingway wrote this story he committed suicide further emphasizing that Hemmingway put himself in the old man’s shoes. In conclusion Hemmingway’s character the old man was just a creation of himself.
In addition Hemmingways hobbies influenced his works of art. First of all Hemmingway loved to deep-sea fish. This appears in his novel The Old Man and The Sea. Hemmingway spent a great while in cuba. Hemmingway moved into whole new world of fabulous fun. It was there that a whole new world broke itself into the sportsman in himself. Fishing the deep sea for great fish suck as the marlin was his newest love.
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