It Is the Right of Every United States Citizen to Own a Firearm

It Is the Right of Every United States Citizen to Own a Firearm

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It is the second amendment of the constitution that states that we the people of The United States of America have the right to own a firearm. Recently, our government has been taking the necessary steps to abolish this amendment. Owning a gun is a right, not a privilege. We as citizens have to protect the second amendment so we can protect ourselves if necessary.

No one is capable of taking away all arms. Every gun in the country cannot be tracked down. The amount of money it would take to go door to door collecting firearms could be spent on lowering all types of crime. There are numerous people who would not give up their guns. What would happen to these people; be imprisoned because they want to be free? It is possible that this could result in another civil war. There are a number of people who live on the streets who carry a pistol in their pocket. How will these gun owners be found if they don’t even have a home?

     Has anyone ever thought of how the people would defend themselves if our country was invaded in a war? If a war is fought here, the only protection we can count on is our military. They can’t defend this country forever. In the American Revolution, the colonists had to defend themselves from the British. What would America do if her beloved military failed? Citizens would be forced to defend their lives and homes. They would need arms in order to be successful. We couldn’t possibly fight against a great force without war implements.

     In conclusion, it is the right of every United States citizen to own a firearm.

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It is not under the power of The United States Government to abolish this right without the consent of the people. The second amendment was written so it couldn’t be changed. Are we about to let this be changed now? How would our Founding Fathers feel if they knew we were changing the constitution? Would this country be so free afterward?
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