Griffins Egg: Gunther

Griffins Egg: Gunther

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Griffin's Egg: Gunther

     Griffin's Egg is a story about Gunther, a man who lives on the moon. And
his adventures,as he gets into all kinds of situatutions. He, along with many
others, have inhabited the moon because Earth is engauged in a full
thermonuclier war. The dangers of the moon however, also come along. Solar
flares, dangerous robots, CMP chips, and many more dangers await Gunther on the

     As gunther is delivering some fuel rods to the G5 Assembly Plant, a
Surface Warning is broadcast, this is high levels of radiation caused by a solar
flare. He is 30 minutes away from the nearest shelter, and the advisory is for
20 minutes. He finds a way to make a rig to sit under the truck, so he would be
shielded from the radiation. He also uses his robot, Siegfried, to control the
movement of the truck while he is riding under it, on his way to the plant.

     When he finally made it so the plant, he went inside to find it filled
with thick, smoke-like mist. His light only distorts the images, so he turns it
off and gets used to the dark room. When his eyes finally got adjusted, it was
just in time, because just then a big metal puncher came by and punched a hole
in the ground right next to him. He stumbled away, only to find that the robot
was following him. He ran into the shelter and closed the door, sealing the
robot outside of the shelter. The shelter was s small room, just big enough to
fit a cot, a chemical toilet, and a rebreather with spare oxygen tanks.

     A while later, after the flare was over, the CMP chips, which has been
implanted in everyone's brain that had come to the moon, was being used against
them. Krishna, a scientist, found that if he broadcasted over the chips
frequency, he could make hypnotic suggestions to the people with the chips.
Gunther had to find a way to stop this, so he and another scientist, Hiro,

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teamed up and after a while of research, found a way to stop Krishna from
broadcasting over the chip's frequency, and therefore, stopped him from taking
over peoples minds.

     Finally, in the end, the war on earth died down, then was over. The
world was at peace once again. Earth send up space ships to bring the moon
inhabitants back down to earth. Gunther returned to earth along with the rest
of his friends, and lived a peaceful life from then on.
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