The Main Characters in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall and A Rose for Emily

The Main Characters in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall and A Rose for Emily

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The Main Characters in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall and A Rose for Emily

The main characters in the stories ?The Jilting of Granny Weatherall'; and ?A Rose for Emily'; have several important similarities. Although the plots, settings, and themes are different, Granny Weatherall and Miss Emily share three distinct traits that make them much alike. These similarities, however, lead to very different outcomes for each character. The main similarities between these two characters are that they are both very stubborn, alone for an extended period of time in their lives, and left by their first loves. The way that each character deals with these similar characteristics and situations, however, is very different.

The stories begin by portraying both Granny Weatherall and Miss Emily as very stubborn old women. ?The Jilting of Granny Weatherall'; starts out with Granny defying the doctor who comes to visit her, and in the beginning of ?A Rose for Emily';, Emily defies her tax collectors. Each woman is stubborn with denial. Granny Weatherall refuses the fact that she is dying and fights it with many excuses and anger. Even as she dies at the end, Granny is still fighting the fact that she is dying and never actually accepts her death. Miss Emily denies that her father died, and then refuses Homer Baron?s rejection by killing him and keeping his body. Emily then withers away in her denial, waiting for her death.

Each woman is alone for a long period in her life. Granny Weatherall is left to raise her family and her ranch with no help. She is made stronger by all of her solitary hard work. Miss Emily?s father dies and she is left in the old house with only a servant for several years. She meets Homer, and after he is killed, she is alone again. Miss Emily, however, does not grow stronger; with each solitary period she grows more disturbed.
Both women are left by their first loves. Granny Weatherall is left at the altar of her wedding to George. Granny is hurt, but she marries again, raises a family, and lives a happy life. Emily, on the other hand, cannot handle the rejection of Homer and murders him in attempt to keep him in her life.

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She lives a sad, lonely life after being rejected.

By looking at the similarities between these two women and how each handles her predicaments differently, we see how decisions and actions can either have a positive or negative effect on our life. Obviously, Granny Weatherall lives a much happier life than Miss Emily does. Two different paths and destinations come from the similar situations and characteristics that the two women share.
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