God and the Sea of lust

God and the Sea of lust

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A man and a woman fall in love and make promises to love each other and uphold each other in times of need, to love and to protect each other during whatever storm may crash upon their beach of love and peace. This is what God intended for us.
A good husband will give his wife a place to live in this world and a place in his heart; a place that she may call home. He will be held up with her in front of God and will never leave her side. A good husband must trust his wife when he is at work. He must also trust himself to let her be alone and to always trust her no matter what she does to him to make him think other wise, no matter if she kills her husband’s best friend and lies about it and hides the bloody knife under his own pillow. He must trust her in every way. A husband knows he must always protect his loved one and family. He must also show her that he cares by giving his time and love. He must be able to hold her when she cries and tell her that it will be o.k., even if they are both doomed. He must even give up his pride. Pride is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You will not know it until you see it; If you do not spot the wolf in time and send him away, he will come between you and what you hold dear to your heart. If a man does not give all of his heart and soul to the woman he picks as his wife, then their relationship will have its problems, but what marriage does not have it little bumps from time to time?
     The wife, nature’s Rubics cube, is the one thing that puzzles men to this day. Puzzle or not, all men hope to fall in love with that one. Man, all over the world, hope that she will fulfill his ever dream and fulfill his every need. A wife and her love mean a lot to a man. Men hope that she will share that love with him until she dies. Men hope that their wives will show love and compassion for them when a day has gone bad, and men hope that they can tell her about their bad day, and she will comfort him, no matter if the bad day was just a small thing.

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A wife will also be held to the house and most of the work that goes in or around that house, but a good husband will help her when she needs help. The male kills the food, and the female prepares the food. (If the female rebels, then the male will kill and eat her). This is the basic system that is the building block of all role jobs in the house. A man knows his part and the female knows her part as well as the male, and they both try to complete their tasks as good as they can, to make life easier for the both of them. A husband and wife will start a family together, but the female is held higher on the pedestal, because during the first nine months a “neighbor” will move in and make a mess of their lives, eats all of their food and keep them up all night kicking the host body. When the child moves out into the real world, both mates have to work harder for each other and for their new child.
On the other side of the battle field, we have males and females that think they should only care for their self and that their wife or husband is just there for physical use. People like this think that rules do not apply to them, but when something goes wrong then, they will bring up the rules and say that you have to play by them. People of this promiscuous nature seem to not care for other people’s relation ships. The reason for this is, they seem to not care if they cause you heartache, but when they are put into the nice lovely black sea of loneliness, they think that it’s not fair or that “the whole world is picking on me”, because I caused someone to change their mind about falling in love. Once you have crossed over this line, you will never be the same.
     To me, the dark waters of lust are no way to travel. If you care for someone, you will not want to hurt them. You will know your role in life, and you will know how to take care of your husband or wife; you would rather walk to London rather than travel by the seas of lust.
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