God and Person

God and Person

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God and Person
The word “person” can be interpreted and defined in many different ways, and there are many different aspects to consider when stating what a person really is. Accomplishments, goals, likes, dislikes, and experiences in life make a person who he or she really is. Traits most “central” to being a person include consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated activity, the capacity to communicate, and having a self-concept. A mind does contribute to a person’s self—a mind is what makes up part of a person, yet does not define one.
A soul is the greatest element of a person. Your instincts, personality, and true feelings are all held within the soul of a person. But last, but not least, society has a major contribution and influence on a person, and can sometimes help define what a person really is. There are so many different ideas running free in society that people latch on to, creating and assisting in molding who a person really is. Certain principles and standards of society influence people’s choices and beliefs in life. Society is not a substantial part of who a particular person is, but it is an amazing contributing factor.
Events, relationships, and situations throughout someone’s life do show what a person really is. A person is someone who has many different emotions and thoughts within themselves, and the life that one lives through, or the events that one sees, also helps to establish who and what a person evolves and discovers himself or herself to be. A person is someone who stands up for what they believe in to help a cause, someone who appreciates who they are and what life really is, and someone who can decipher the concept and meaning of right from wrong. A person has many aspects, but it is not one particular thing that makes a person a person. It’s mind, body, soul, social issues, and other qualities rolled into one.
Epistemological considerations are also used in the definition of a person when considering and bringing God into the picture. Epistemology is being able to know what you know about God; therefore, a person is also made up of beliefs and ideas too. We know about God by reading books, listening to the Word of God at Mass, looking over the Bible, etc., but you must often have faith to even believe in God. Faith and mystery both play majors roles when considering God in the light of the human person.

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Faith is our relationship with God, and a complete trust of confidence within Him. Faith is knowledge as a basis, grace, loyalty and responsibility, and self-communication in Christ. It is free and motivated by the Holy Spirit, and enables the believing soul to treat the future as present and the invisible as seen. Faith gives reality and proof of things unseen, treating them as if they were already objects of sight, rather than hope. In the Bible, faith is solely related to two realities we cannot see with the natural eye: to God and to God’s word. Faith and mystery go together, hand in hand, and help make up the aspects of a person.
My definition of a person applies to the Persons of God, the Trinity, by being the core belief of the Christian faith. A person is made up of ideas and beliefs, just as God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit make up the Trinity. The Trinity has two approaches: the economic approach, and the immanent approach—one is of God’s triune activity in the world, while the other is God’s inner life as trinity. Father as creator, son as redeemer, and spirit as sanctifier, make up and represent the active love in the world, and this love is portrayed in we, the people, and in each and every person. Trinity is the diversity of persons in a unity of love, and we express this within ourselves every day. We must keep our faith and belief in the Trinity; it is an essential part to keep us in tact with God everyday.

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