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Marketing Mix For Home Business

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the four elements of marketing mix which are: product, place, price, and promotion. I will also implement each element with the company’s marketing strategies. The organization which I will be using is Sandy’s Day Care. In my organization I had child care services for ages from new born to eleven years old. Hours of operation ranged from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm. Monday thou Friday and Saturday’s only upon request. I will explain the marketing strategies that were applied in my home business which succeeded for over five years, with an income of six thousand dollars a month.

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Marketing Mix Paper
The first strategy is product is developing the right good or service for the company’s customers, including package arrangement, trade name, and contract with educational backing. The service proved is quality child care with an experiences provider and an extended educational back ground in early childhood. The day care will provide two healthy meals a day and two snacks at no extra charge. That are recommended and approved by the department the health and nutrition. The day care also provided preschool education based on class room setting. The children were also provided with field trip or day outing’s at least twice a month. Other activities are available such as swimming and dance but only at parent’s expense. After school program are available, with homework assists and a snack. All service provides are clear stated in the day care package for customers to review, this include contracts, rules and any forms that are need to be eligible the program.
The second strategy is place which is very important due to location. My day care was off the freeway and on the way to downtown San Diego and the 32 second Naval Base. The Naval base was a vital part of my business due to the fact that all my customers were in the Navy. My location was only 15 minutes from the base and downtown. My day care was at my home; therefore it was very clean and had a warm homely atmosphere for the children. I had a large back yard with plenty of toys and things for the children to do. All the meals were home cooked and very healthy.
Price being the third strategy was based on whether it was full-time or part time day care. Full-time back then was $70.

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00 dollars a week and part-time was $35.00
Marketing Mix 4
Marketing Mix Paper
dollars a week. Meals were paid by the state of California nutrition program, which included breakfast, lunch and two snacks per day. My late fee‘s were $10.00 for every 15 minutes late. My prices were very low comparing to the rest of the day cares in San Diego due to the fact I did very little marketing because my customer were my source of marketing. I always had a waiting list for my day care.
Howe ever, promotion being the four strategies was important for exposure and tax purposes. My promotion resource was my husband because he was in the Navy and was in charge of over 50 men in his department on the ship and of course they all had children. I used the base and the local newspaper to advertise my day care twice a year. But my greatest help was when my day care came out in the Navy Times which was ranked one of the best home day care in San Diego, after that I had a waiting list.
Sandy’s Day Care, was a profit organization that proved a vital service to the military committee and their families. The day care was affordable, excellent location, and highly recommended. The four marketing strategies that I used in my day care which were product, place, pricing and promotion had a vital impact in the success of my business. Each strategy enabled my business to strengthen and succeed for a long time. This also enabled my day care to stay open and functioning at a very successful profit for more than five years. The reason I close d my day care was because my husband retired from the Navy and we chose to relocate back home.

Marketing Mix 4
Marketing Mix Paper
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