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Genesis 1-11 Cosmological Stories Etiology- deep human question that a story answersGenesis 1: How many days did it take for God to make the earth?Seven     1. Lighta. Nightb. Day2. Sky3. Dry landLet water divide Vegetation4.

Stars          Genesis 2:How were man/woman created?Man from dust, Woman from ribWhy do people want to marry? They are to leave their parents to go with their spouseWhat is our purpose?To watch over the Garden and the worldAdam- from Adamah- thing from dirtRuach- God¡¦s breath, wind, spirit- makes Adam a living beingEve- mother of all living things; 1st womanEden- delight, place for Adam and EveAnthropomorphic- having human-like qualitiesImmanent- God very presentTranscendant- outside, beyond, detached from creationOmniscience- All KnowingAutonomous- free to chooseSin-1) disobedience2) pointing the finger3) blaming someone else4) don¡¦t accept responsibility Genesis 4"h Sons of Adam and Eve:"h Cain- farmer; rep of agrarian culture"h Abel- Shepherd; rep of nomadic culture"h Themes:"h Jealousy and murder"h Origins of violence"h Forsaking responsibility"h Mercy and capital punishment"h Gifts to God"h Cain- fat portions"h Abel- fruit of the earth"h God favors Abel"h Cain kills Abel out in the field"h God tries to get a confession by asking and not accusing"h Cain is the first murderer"h Capital punishment"h Penalty:"h Gets a mark for"h Protection"h Punishment"h Guilt"h Banished to land of Nod"h Land of wandering"h Form of guilt"h Settled existenceGenesis 5"h Geneology- family line "h Begins with Adam -> NoahGenesis 6:9 ¡V 9:17 Terms:"h Gilgamesh"h Babylonian myth of flood"h Gilgamesh becomes a god"h Same as Moses"h God of Babylonians can¡¦t sleep because of racket so he floods the earth"h 40"h May be a symbol for a long time"h Constantly used in the bible"h Berith"h Covenant, promise"h God makes Beriths"h Put your life in Beriths"h Hebrew tradition"h Terrah"h Saving vessel"h "h Dove"h Peace"h New Command"h All can be food for people"h Don¡¦t eat animals for food "h Except they can have life blood"h You may not kill people"h Capital Punishment"h God will ProvideGenesis 12-50 Patriarchal Stories"h Rooted in specific time/ place"h Main characters"h Are social unlikelies from the same family with which whom God makes a Berith"h All experience a theophany"h Manifestation of God"h Berith involves Land and Blessing extended to the future"h Foundation for J, C, I"h Judaism"h Christian"h Islam, Muslim"h Rich in drama and suspense"h Cliffhangers!"h Names reveal character of person, place"h Isaac means laughter"h Abraham means father"h Nomadic"h Everyone is on the move"h Ger"h Wanderer, sojourner, pilgrim"h First father"h

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- Genesis 1-11 Cosmological Stories Etiology- deep human question that a story answersGenesis 1: How many days did it take for God to make the earth?Seven 1. Lighta. Nightb. Day2. Sky3. Dry landLet water divide Vegetation4. Stars Genesis 2:How were man/woman created?Man from dust, Woman from ribWhy do people want to marry. They are to leave their parents to go with their spouseWhat is our purpose?To watch over the Garden and the worldAdam- from Adamah- thing from dirtRuach- God¡¦s breath, wind, spirit- makes Adam a living beingEve- mother of all living things; 1st womanEden- delight, place for Adam and EveAnthropomorphic- having human-like qualitiesImmanent- God very presentTrans...   [tags: essays research papers]

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AbrahamGenesis 11:27-32"h First patriarchal story"h Terms"h Terah"h Father of Abram, Nahor, Haran"h Haran (the man) died in Ur"h Abram"h Called by God to go to Canaan"h ¡§Father¡¨"h Haran"h Place where Terah¡¦s family settles"h Called ¡§crossroads¡¨"h Metaphorical "h Sarai"h Abram¡¦s wife"h Couldn¡¦t have children"h Barren"h Lot"h Haran¡¦s son"h Lech-Lecha"h Means go forward, go ahead"h Ger"h Theophany"h Manifestation of godGenesis 16"h Canaan"h Promised land"h God promised it to Abraham and his descendants"h Abram"h Sarai"h Abram¡¦s wife"h ¡§princess¡¨"h Barren"h Pretended to be Abram¡¦s sister"h Wanted Abram to do it with her maid servant"h Never calls her by name"h Jealous of Hagar"h Pharaoh"h Took Sarai because she was beautiful"h God damns Pharaoh"h Says ¡§Abram why¡¦d you lie? Lech-Lecha!¡¨"h Hager"h Maidservant of Sarah/ Abram"h Has Abraham¡¦s son"h Fled and met up with God"h Told her to go back"h God blesses her with land"h Ishmael"h ¡§God hears¡¨"h Abram¡¦s son"h El Roi"h One who sees"h Berith"h Land and Blessing"h Land had famine"h Blessing means children"h They had none"h Lech-Lecha"h Go on"h Move forward"h Ger"h Theophany"h God Appears to her"h Shur"h At a well/springGenesis 18:"h Hospitality"h The art of welcoming strangers as friends"h Root word of a bunch of words"h For Abram/Abraham:1. Waiting to serve them2. Gives them rest3. Prepares a meal quickly- the best they have4.

At their service"h Isaac"h Means laughter"h Because Sarah laughed because she didn¡¦t think she could become pregnant"h She thought she was too old"h Abraham and Sarah¡¦s sonGenesis 19:"h Sodom and Gomorrah"h Wicked towns"h Only nice guy in them was Lot"h Wanted to ¡§know¡¨ the guests"h Have sex with"h Lot offered his daughters instead"h Town turns to salt and catches on fire"h Lot"h Abraham¡¦s nephew"h Values guests over family"h His wife looks back and turns to salt"h Sodomy Law"h Laws the Government have against homosexualityGenesis 22"h Akidah"h Literally means rope"h Binding; tied to faith; never letting goInterpretations of Akidah Story:1. God was against child sacrifice2. Faith demands absolute dependence on God3. Let go, untie your children (if you are a parent)4. Don¡¦t take life so seriously, let go of laughter (Isaac means laughter)5.

Genesis 21: 1-19"h Sarah has a kid and doesn¡¦t like Ishmael"h Sends Hagar away"h Ishmael"h Abraham and Hagar"h Oldest Son"h Normally the Oldest son gets the birthright"h Isaac"h Abraham and Sarah"h Birthright"h Land"h God¡¦s promised the land to Abraham¡¦s kid"h Called the promise land"h Israel"h Ishmael and Isaac were buds"h Sarah is pissed and wants Ishmael gone"h Abraham is sad cuz he likes both his sons"h God says to do what Sarah says"h Amnesia"h People forget the promises of God"h Hagar sees a Well"h Good"h Containment of WaterGenesis 24"h Abraham"h Made his servant put his hand on his thigh"h To make his servant swear seriously"h Wife"h Has to be a virgin"h Has to be from Abraham¡¦s clan"h Can¡¦t be from Canaan"h They aren¡¦t hospitable"h Nomadic people "h Hospitable"h Rebekah"h Offers water"h Cares about the wellbeing (think of the well being) of others"h Lets the Camels drink ¡¥til they are finished drinking"h Cares for animals"h Hospitable! Gives him a place to stay"h In straw and fodder"h Servant"h Prayed for guidance"h Gave Rebekah a choice to marry Isaac"h Intercession"h Prayer for someone else"h Abraham, Isaac"h Yahweh"h God¡¦s personal name"h Ethic of Obedience"h Follow standards of a religion, society, and laws"h Ethic of creativity"h Do what you feel is right because there is a ¡§higher law¡¨"h Egocentric"h Thinking the world revolves around youGenesis 27"h Rebekah wants Jacob to get blessed"h Jacob deceives father"h Esau wants to kill him"h Rebekah sends Jacob off"h Jacob means grabber (of the heel)"h Took the blessing"h Is a trickster; the name is foreshadowing"h Esau"h Brother Jacob runs from"h Esah"h Divine purpose"h What Jacob finds"h Jacob leaves"h Sleeps on a rock"h Hears a voice saying that he will be with him wherever he goes"h Names:"h Jacob"h Means Grabber"h Esau"h Laban"h Esah"h Rachel"h Leah"h Peniel"h IsraelJacob Matures1. Personal Suffering- sleeping on a rock2. Experiences a will greater than his own3. Cares for others- someone other than himself; works for Rachel 7 years4.

Facing fears; apologizing; facing up"h Laban"h Jacob¡¦s uncle"h Leah"h Laban¡¦s oldest"h Rachel"h Wife who Jacob really loves"h Esau"h ESAH"h Jacob"h Israel"h Jabbok"h Peniel"h Dinah"h Jacob¡¦s daughter"h Schechem"h Rapes Dinah"h Reuben"h Oldest child of Jacob; mom- LeahThemes of Joseph Stories1. Exile- To leave your homeland by force- Was one and was also a consolation to people in exile (refugees)2. Last patriarch- Joseph moves from home to exile- From a favorite son to a slave- From prisoner to a prince3. Hang on to dreams- ¡§Here comes the dreamer¡¨Araphel- Thick darkness or mystery- Jacob experiences Araphel in- The pit- The jail- To cope with it, Jacob becomes a therapist- Interprets dreamsGenesis 41Pharaoh- King of Egypt- Has a dream- Dream gets interpreted by Joseph- Believes Joseph¡¦s interpretation- Makes Joseph the governor of the grainDream- In dream, there are seven ugly cows that eat seven pretty cow- Seven years of goodness- Followed by seven horrible years of famineInterpretation"h Pharaoh believes Joseph"h Joseph becomes the governor of the grain"h They should store stuff during the good 7 years"h Looks at the futureREVIEW FOR TESTNAMES TO KNOW:- Hagar- Sarah- Abraham- Joseph- Reuben- Isaac- Dinah- Jacob- Rauch- Esau- Ishmael- Genesis- Noah- Eden- Cain- Abel- Anthropomorphic- A Priori- Rebekah- Leah- Rachel- Adam- Eve- Haran- Sodom- Nod- Lot- Ex Nihilo- Imageo Dei- Shechem- Patriarch- Tanach- Israel- Etiology- Sabbath- Yasar- Autonomous- Omniscience- Transcendent- Intercession- Immanent- Tevah- Exile- Reconciliation- Potiphar- BirthrightANCHOR WORDS- Lech-lecha- To move on- Memoria- Looking back on life and seeing a plan, purpose- Berith- Blessing- Esah- Divine purpose- Akidah- Binding- Araphel- Memoria/ looking back on life and seeing a plan, purpose- Hospitality- The art of welcoming strangers- Theophany- Manifestation of God- Ger- Wanderer
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