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The term communication is freely used by everyone in modern society, including members of the general public, scholars and management practitioners. Communication is defined as the interaction, giving and taking of information,sending and receiving of messages through verbal and non verbal means.

Functions of communication varies as one must determine the function of the communication. Known as the primary function and in certain circumstances the situation or position may have one, two or three other secondary functions.For example,informing,controlling,persuading and co-ordinating.

Inform functions: An organization needs a vast amount of information to function and operate a business. The top management would require timely and accurate information for the various departments to make effective decisions.

Control functions: The management of any organization will always have plans with long, medium or long term objectives for the months and years ahead. To achieve these objectives, the daily & monthly activities must proceed as planned in order to achieve the objectives for the period.

Persuading functions: Persuasion usually involves the ‘selling’ of an idea, product or services to a person or group. Persuasive words or actions, there is a better chance of the person or group accepting it. Will result in voluntary compliance.

Co-ordinating functions: Every employee plays a part in controlling inputs, outputs, job scope and head count. Has to be well-coordinated.

In Any form of communication, there is a sender and receiver of the message. The question of whether the message is sent and how the message is received is of vital importance in communication. Communication is successful only when the receiver receives the intended message of the sender.


The above is the communication process which has to be repeated until both parties finish expressing themselves.

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First,the sender has an idea then he/she transforms the idea into a message.After which he/she transmits the message and he reciever gets the message.The receiver then interprets the message (decoding) which in turn reacts and sends feedback to the sender.

In conclusion, there are many functions and characteristics of communication and the above listed are just some of them.

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