Fond Memories

Fond Memories

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Fond Memories

As I grew up my family and I have lived in a few places, but none were more memorable than our house in Columbia, Maryland.
     The neighborhood I grew up in was a brand new town house development. The house colors were tan, white, green or yellow. My neighborhood was shaped like a gigantic eight. In the center of each circle that made up the eight was a center island that was dense with trees, and had honeysuckle plants that gave off a sweet almost hypnotic smell. On the outskirts of the figure eight were the townhouses. In front of each house was a tree or two surrounded by evergreen shrubbery and a garden of various different types of insanely large flowers.
     To the rear of the houses were wooden fences separating each town house, it was as if the builders of the houses had anticipated trouble between where one persons property ends and another persons property begins. Behind our fences there laid a dark concealing forest that was perfect for exploring as a kid. In this forest you could find any tree from redwoods to weeping willows towering in the sky. On the ground there was moss, ivy,

and even poison oak (which I found the hard way over and over again), but oddly enough there was no grass in this forest. Maybe the reason there was
no grass is because the trees were so huge that sunlight had not touched the ground there for at least 100 years.
     There were many paths in the forest, and all of them led to isolated parts of the famous Patomic River. This river is famous in Maryland for the wildlife that it supports and its stunning beauty. The section of the river that I always liked to visit was about 12 feet wide and as clear as crystal. There were tons of fish, frogs, and bugs there it was enough to keep a kid like me busy all day. Although there was a hint of a moldy smell there it mainly smelled like pine and sap. This was by far my favorite experience growing up in this neighborhood.

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     I have many fond memories of growing up in Columbia, Maryland; moreover, I believe this environment I grew up in so long ago is responsible for who I am today.

Duron Filson
Elaine L. Jones
English 110
June 30, 2003
Fond Memories
Topic: Think about the street where you grew up, and then take the reader on a detailed walk through your neighborhood.
Audience: General
Purpose: To entertain
Thesis sentence: As I grew up my family and I have lived in a few places, but none more memorable than our house in Columbia, Maryland.

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