The Internet´s Impact in Our Lives

The Internet´s Impact in Our Lives

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Communication before and after Internet

Days, months, and years go by and we do not notice them. Living in such a busy world, we are not always aware of the changes in our lives. Twenty years ago, if someone was told we would be able to buy groceries, pay our bills, buy stocks or even a car through the use of a computer, we might have laughed and blamed too much science fiction television for such wild accusations. However, as the next generation of children grows up, they may find it funny that people still send letters to each other through the post office. The development of the Internet has given us the ability to communicate and exchange information instantly across vast distances. The Internet has caused a huge impact in the communication field, and has made our way of living and working a lot easier, faster, and cheaper than before.
In the past, distance between people and cultures created a physical barrier tough to break, and it made the contact very difficult. The customs and ideas were hard to distribute to others. Populations lived in isolation and could not easily communicate. This made the world look bigger. For example, the regular postal service used to take days to deliver a letter, especially if it was international mail. Before the Internet, it was possible to keep in touch with relatives and friends across the country or around the world, and it was expensive. In addition, due to old technology, news was slow to reach different parts of the world. Information had to go through many channels before reaching places. For a long time, this was the reality of global communication.
Since the development of the Internet in late 1980s, communication has changed enormously. The Internet has altered the lives of people in the world in a way that was never imagined before. As little as a decade ago, if someone tried to explain the Internet and World Wide Web, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to understand. Computers were just beginning to become popular and few individuals realized the capacity of one PC, let alone the power of a network of electronic technology. By linking together computers, users could remotely access others on the network, share information, and send electronic mail as easily as pushing a button. Millions of people with shared interests, exchange information and build communities through Web sites, email and instant-messaging software.

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From my point of view, e-mail has replaced the traditional letter. We do not have to buy stamps anymore; e-mail is faster and less expensive. We can also add many types of files to e-mail, which can be transferred without difficulty. Another advantage is that we do not have to leave our offices or houses to use the Internet. Moreover, we can read the daily newspapers from all over the world; an event that happens anywhere in the world is posted live on the Internet. This technology has really created a new environment for communication.
Communication has changed dramatically since the creation of the Internet. As it increase our potential in so many ways, it is possible that the long-term impact of the Internet could be equal to that of electricity, the automobile, or the telephone. Personally, I cannot picture the world without the internet. If we live away from family and friends, we can communicate easily, using e-mails or messengers. I do not think I could live apart from my relatives without the support of this technology to bring them close to me.

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