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For those who are curious about fishing, but never seem to have any luck, here are a few simple guidelines to follow which will have you reeling them in in no time. Catching fish can be really easy to do if one has the correct equipment, location, weather, and presentation.
First, when fishing, equipment is very important. It would not be prudent to bring knife to a gunfight, and fishing is just the same. When catching 500 lb. swordfish in saltwater it is important to not bring an ultra-light fly rod. The first step to having the correct equipment is identifying the species to be targeted. Let’s say the target is black bass. Then it id important to have a bait-casting reel with 15 to 20 lb. test line, and a heavy action rod with plenty of length for good hook set. Now I’m not saying it is impossible to catch a bass on lighter tackle, and there is probably fun to be had doing it as well. It is just that this is the most efficient way. Lures and or bait are also extremely important pieces of equipment when fishing. Some examples of lures for black bass would be spinners, jigs, plastic worms, top-water lures, and buzz baits. Bait for black bass fishing would be live minnows, crawfish, or worms, and some dead baits work too such as cut pieces of shad.
Once all the equipment has been taken care of, the location is the next concern. Fishing in a puddle in the driveway will not be very productive. The location will depend on what kind of fish one wants to catch. Once a species has been determined, a location should be easy to find. Again let’s say the target is black bass. Several types of bass can be caught in fresh water creeks, lakes, rivers, and ponds up to certain latitudes. Any of these fresh water sources should hold bass if it has been stocked, if it has a tributary, or if it has been established for a number of years. It is important to make sure that the location you are fishing has the type of fish you are fishing for.
Weather plays a key role in whether or not fish will be caught. Wind affects the distance and direction that the lure or bait can be cast. It is very difficult to cast with any accuracy in a high wind.

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Weather also affects the way fish bite. In cooler temperatures fish can see better, and so they would be less inclined to bite an unconvincing lure than in warmer water. Fish also like to bite when a weather system is changing. If it is a nice sunny calm day, and a storm front is moving in it is very likely that the fish will be biting. These are just a few of the many ways in which weather can affect fishing.
And finally presentation would have to be the most important aspect of fishing. Making a minnow swim like a crawfish will not catch any fish. Every bait or lure has its own best presentation. You must remember you are trying to fool the fish into biting the hook. If the lure or bait does not look convincing the fish will not bite.
I hope these few simple steps will have you catching your limit every trip. Just remember equipment, location, weather, and presentation are the keys to making a fishing trip easy and enjoyable.
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