Feminist Objections to Kantian, Utilitariansism, and Egoism

Feminist Objections to Kantian, Utilitariansism, and Egoism

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Feminist Objections to Kantian, Utilitarianism, and Egoism

Many feminists have problems or objections to Kantian morals, utilitarian ideas, and egoism. The feminist morals are based on care and equality. Many of these ethics have a lot of problems when relating to a feminist.

     Feminists have a lot of objections to Kantian morals. For example, there is too much emphasis on duty. For example, a feminist might argue that because feminists emphasize care so much, duty can sometimes overshadow care. Also, science is extremely important in feminism. Kant believes that science is not important where it is a defense in many cases of feminism.

     Feminism also has many objections to utilitarianism. Sometimes it is more difficult to see the greater good in things. This also could interrupt the care for someone. For example, the Terri Schiavo case. The husband might feel it is his “duty” to let her die because he thinks she has suffered or didn’t want to be alive too long. It seems that the greater good would be to let her live and then her family would be happy, plus there are a lot of other people in the country that seem to have wanted her to live. This also interfered with the care of Mrs. Schiavo. Also in utilitarianism it says that contracts can be broken to bring about the greater good. If Terri Schiavo had made a living contract saying that she wanted to stay alive under any circumstances and he broke that contract. Then it would completely reject the feminists approach having to do with care. Also sacrificing others can be brutalizing and degrading. I am sure that Mr. Schiavo the husband is being degraded by family members and brutalized over his decision.

     Feminists also have some objections to egoism. Egoism makes giving advice in certain situations not valid or even impossible. Let us say that there is an egoist deciding whether or not to take his/her sick friend to the doctor. He/She would probably decide not to because he/she doesn’t want to get sick. The better option for the friend would be to go to the doctor so he/she can get medicine or will not be sick anymore.

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This does not agree with feminism because it is based on care. This can also lead to conflicts between the two people which are another objection to egoism by the feminist.

     As you can see feminists have their own ideas when it comes to morals. They do not agree entirely with Kantian ethics, Utilitarian ideas, or egoists because they have their own way of going about things.

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