Feminism: Destroying America

Feminism: Destroying America

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Today’s America is being overrun be people who believe in change, people who think that every individual should be brought up with the exact same conditions, no matter what their physical or psychological differences. People who use term “politically correct” whenever they perceive an injustice toward someone because of the orthodox way of life in America that has remained constant for decades. Now, these people, these feminists, want to change everything because they think people (more specifically, woman) have been getting the short-end of the stick for years. Now, these feminists are infiltrating our government, corporations and schools, slowly assimilating individuals into their group. The patriarchs of this society (that is those who believe things should stay as they are) are allowing this to happen because of fear of what the feminists might present against them.
     Take for example a feminist female, who is climbing up the corporate ladder at a major corporation. She claims that because she is a woman, she is being held up by men in the corporation from advancing, even though they say that she has an equal opportunity to advance in the ranks of that corporation. She accuses the authoritative figures of acting on their sexism (which is by law illegal) and creates a fear factor among those in authority. She then gets promoted because of this fear, even if she does not deserve it. (Fr. Fischer)
This creates a multitude of problems. First, the company is shortchanged because of an insufficient and unprepared leader. Second, the people who deserve the positions loose hope, and don’t put forth all their effort. And finally, the subordinates under the poor leader do not perform with the best efficiency. It seems that even if the feminists did not coin the term “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” they surly live by it. (Captain Richard Leisenring)
     The youth of our society is being brainwashed by the feminists. More specifically, boys are being taught to act like girls, learn like girls and play like girls in our schools. This may not be a conscious act of the schools, but the majority of elementary and middle school teachers are females and cannot help teaching female values to our youth. Whether they like it or not, they teach like a woman, and woman teach everything who they seem it to be easiest to understand. (Fr. Fischer)
However, it is often not the easiest way for the male “hard wiring” to understand.

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What the schools must understand is that because of the difference in psychological development due to human nature, boys and girls learn differently, so they must not be taught the same way especially in the way of the woman, because then, it is the boys how are being short changed. (Fr. Fischer)
The feminists may say that girl does better in middle school because she is smarter than boys are. This is entirely inaccurate. During this time period, females have a higher ratio of estrogen in their body. This hormone promotes good memory. In middle school, most of the learning is memorization, not applying. Therefor, girls do better because the curriculum corresponds to their physical changes. (Fr. Fischer)
In 1895, Brooks Adams wrote a book entitled The Law of Civilization Decay. Even then, scholars such as Adams were aware of this change of the men in America. He saw that there were now two types of men in America: the spiritual man (farmer, warrior, poet and priest) and the economic man (the merchant, bureaucrat and politician). He saw the spiritual man, those who had a vision, and were well connected to their roots, as being the leader and the civilization builder in society. The economic man, those, who knew how to recognize opportunity, emerged; assuming domination after the civilization develops. The economic men strayed from their roots, and became materialistic. (Pierce; par. 10).
Since then, both types of men have lost their aesthetic sense, their warrior spirit, their feeling the divine, and their masculinity. Men have not lost their entire masculinity, but it has become weaker than that of men tow-hundred years ago. Many aristocratic values, the masculine values have been replaced by democratic, “egalitarian” values, the feminine values. Feminism is a very materialistic view of the world; it emphasizes on safety, security, and comfort. This is opposes the masculine view which emphasizes on honor, tradition and its roots. In addition, the materialistic view of the feminists led to a sense of egotism, hedonism, and narcissism. (Pierce; par. 15-17)
Because of feminism, America is loosing an important factor of the traditional American image. It is loosing its image of power, honor, and even freedom. With the fear factor introduced because of the some radical feminists’ abuse of the law, our sense of freedom, which American ideals are based on degenerates, and the American male image becomes weaker and less noble.

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