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Fairy Tales
     I love to see Professional Dances, such as ballet and Riverdance. But what is even better is seeing dancers who aren’t professionals. I love going to see Dance Studios Dance Recitals. What I really like about them is that it shows up much people like to dance, but doesn’t show true talent. Not to long ago I attended Dave Ragnacci’s School of Dance recital, Fairy Tales. This play was set up as if every scene was a fairy tale story. When the curtain opened, it started, as the dancers were all different fairy tale characters, such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, ect. Not only did I like to watch it, but also I could see that other children did too because of the story of the recital.
     Every scene was different for each number. In the beginning all the character pretended to be sleeping, until the music started and they all joined together for the dance called “Never Ending Story”. The song was perfect for the opening because fairy tales are never ending stories, everyone likes to listen to them, read them and tell them.
The second scene was the story of Snow White. The dance was a ballet, and the second dance was modern, which is an upbeat type of ballet. When the witch came out and danced the perfect song came on, Dark Lady by Cher. The dancers danced on toe shoes and played tambourines.
     After that scene was over, the little 4 year old kids came out and act out the Snow White Scene. They were dressed as little dwarfs, all different colored costumes. They came out and danced with Snow White. They danced to “One Bad Apple” by Jackson 5.
     The next scene was Jack and the Bean Stalk. This was a tap dance, which is my favorite. The main characters were Jack and his mother. The song that they danced to was “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles. They 2 main dancers acted out the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk.
     After every story, the 4-year-old group would come out and either does tap, ballet or jazz dances. I think that the crowd loved them the most because they are so little up on stage, and its funny watching them because they tend to forget their dances very easily.
     The next 2 scenes were Cinderella and Humpy Dumpty. These 2 scenes were mixed into 2 dances.

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The song for Humpty Dumpty was “6 feet under”. Cinderella’s dance was very upbeat; the song was “Cinderella” by Britney Spears.
     You can tell that so much time and energy was put into this show to make it perfect for the recital. All the props are all hand made. The lighting is so bright and colorful. The costumes picked out for each number was perfect for every dance, and perfect for every age group. I give so much credit for all the workers that put their time into this project. It shows how much they care about the set, the dancers, and the audience.
     Each story was so very well done, not only was there dancing, but there was also some acting. I really enjoyed watching the dancers, espically the older ones because they are so experienced. I danced at Dave’s for about 10 years. His shows are always sold out because they are all so well thought of and very well done. I plan on attending Dave’s show this summer, and hopefully going back to him sometime soon.
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