Evaluation of Advert

Evaluation of Advert

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Evaluation of Advert

My advert uses a woman’s moisturiser and places it along side a man. This is challenging the representation of men because in a normal advert it would of featured a women because it it’s aimed at women.
     I started by placing a blue and white gradient background. This is plain and minimalistic but at the same time adding some colour to the advert whereas plain white would have appeared bland. I used blue because it is a very cool colour and is linked with cold colours and ice. I am trying to put across that the product is cool and ‘Smooth’ so cool blues play an important part in the colour scheme.
I then added a picture of the product. I placed this in the top right and is quite big. This is to get across the product so there is no confusion in what is being advertised. I surrounded this with a black stroke to make it stand out even more and seeing as the top of the background was nearly white, and having a white bottle the two were hard to tell apart.
     I then placed the name of the product next to it in cool, stylish colours but at the same time they contrast the blue and white and stand out really well. I used and effect that is help created by the program I used that appears as the letters are 3d and are ‘gel’ like.
     These were then complimented by a ‘And be’ which is the start of the slogan I chose to add. They are in big, Bold and black letters with a white outline to help it, again, stand out. This was placed in the centre of the advert so that they start to read the line and then it is followed through by the rest of the slogan.
     The came the rest of the slogan which was ‘Smoooothe’ with too many O’s on purpose to stress the effect. These are in metallic green colours which are bold and vibrant. I stretched the first letter to kind of give the effect of the word zooming in at fast speed.
     Then I added a male model in black and white in the bottom left, He has an open, revealing and seducing shirt to attract people.
     I then added a bold blue and green border that uses the same gel like effect as the name of product.

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This helps the advert to stand out and helps differentiate the top of the advert and any other white space that may appear such as the white paper in mine.

If I were to do it differently I would probably change some of the text styles as I think that they look a tiny bit sill with all the different styles and types of font.
I think the layout is good and all text and objects are very clear and stand out.
I really like the border and I think it finish’s it off very good.

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