East of the Mountains By David Gutterson

East of the Mountains By David Gutterson

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This Book was written by David Guterson. He wrote another book which I
don’t know much about called Snow Falling on Cedars. But he wrote this
book which I was interested in certain parts of it, such as his ideal of wanting
to commit suicide, a drifter who gave him some help on lessening the pain,
and when he talked about his pass of when he was recruited from Camp Hale.
This was a good book in my opinion.
     This book was set in the season of fall and it was around 1997. In the
book he talked of his past when he was a little kid with his dad and when he
was growing up meeting his wife. The area was a country type place in a rich
apple growing region. In the state of Washington were he goes to many
mountains in the surrounding area. This was the setting of the book.
     There were many characters in this book. The main character of this
book was Ben Givens a seventy- three year old retired heart surgeon. The
whole story was set around him. Then there was his family which he talked
about, Rachel who was his wife which who had pass away before him, Renee
his daughter, Chris his grandson, Emma his granddaughter, Aidan his brother,
and Wright Givens his father. Also he had two hunting dogs which were
brow and white Brittanies named Rex and Tristan. On his hunting trip were
he had planed on committing suicide he had met many people. A young
couple who really get along with each other, a drifter who gave him some
marijuana to ease the pain of his cancer, a veterinarian, a rancher and a
migrant worker.
     The summary of this story starts when Ben wakes up from another
night of suffering from colon cancer. This day he had planned on his hunting
trip that would ease his suffering. He had everything ready in the morning
and he made it seem like he was just going on a hunting trip. Right when he
starts his journey he gets into a car wreck destroying his car. But he is picked
up by a couple that takes him to place that Ben thinks he can rent a car from.
When he finds he can’t and is trying to hitch a ride he meets a man that give’s
him some “medical” marijuana to help ease his pain. Ben gives up and goes
to hunt in the near by mountains.
     He started out hunting the chukars with his hunting dogs.

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At the end of
the day he tries one of the hand rolled cigarettes the man gave him and he
starts dreaming of his past when it was him and his brother doing things with
there mom and there dad, this is the time were he met Rachel. When Ben
woke up he found Rex injured and Tristian dead. Then he met a veterinarian
who fixed Rex up. Next he had got to a hotel were he smoked some more
and started thinking of his past again. When he was in W.W.II.
     When he awoke he at some point in time called his daughter and told
her about his journey he had so far. He then met some Hispanic people who
he was around with. He helped Emilio and got him apple picking. He then
helped give birth to a baby. The he meets Bea and her, him, and Rex go
home. When he gets home everything is the way he left it, and he calls his
daughter and tells her that he is now home.
     I think this book had a pretty good ending. He went on a journey and
ran into so many things. Also he met so many people most good, but some
bad, like the person that took his father’s gun. After everything he went for
he decided that suicide was not the right thing to do. I am glad my teacher
recommended this book for me.
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