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Destiny was a misunderstood girl. She was a depressed, lonely, and hopeless young woman. Her mom was strung out on drugs, and her father was nowhere to be found. She hated her life, and she hated everyone else, even the people who tried to help her out.
     Destiny stayed in one the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit. A couple days couldn’t past, without seeing or hearing about a fight or killing. She feared walking home from school everyday. She was seventeen years old, a senior in high school, who could only read at an eighth grade level. Since her mom was never really around, she would have to stay home from school to look after her baby sister.
     “Destiny, where’s mom, said Kisha.”
     “I don’t know Kisha said Destiny.”
     “Well I miss mom, she’s always gone.”
     “I know, I know, don’t worry I’m here Kisha; I’ll always be here.”
     It had been a few days since Destiny had seen her mom. She was very frustrated. She couldn’t believe that her mom couldn’t even call her. She cried whenever her sister was not in the room.
     “Why is this happening to me?”
     “I didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of life, cried Destiny.”
     It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rung. She answered the phone. It was her mom on the other end.
     “Hey baby, I’m sorry about not calling you sooner.”
     “Yeah, well where are you at mom Kisha keeps asking about you.”
     “Well Destiny I was just calling to tell you that I’m not coming home.”
     “I’m going to New York, I need to get away from here.”
     “Mom, what about us?”
     “Honey you have to take over now. I love you.”
     Her mom hung up, those were the last three words Destiny would ever hear her mom say. She tossed and turned the rest of the night. Kisha came into the room to wake up Destiny. She had overslept, which made her and Kisha miss school. Kisha could see the pain in Destiny’s eyes. She knew she had to tell why their mom wouldn’t be coming home and that she moving to New York. Destiny told Kisha the horrible news. They both wept and held each other until they both fell asleep.
     A couple months had passed, Destiny struggled to make ends meet. She had to borrow food from her neighbors just so that they could eat every night. She knew that she would have to do something, or they would lose everything.

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     Unfortunately, she made the decision not to continue in school and drop out. Her teachers and counselors tried to stop her, but she knew what had to be done. She went to all the stores that were hiring part-time workers. Destiny has never worked anywhere so this would be hard for her to get use to. Some of the places she applied to were Target, McDonalds, Sears, and Marshall Fields. She went to her next-door neighbor because she needed help answering some of the questions. She hoped and prayed that at least one of the stores would call her back for an interview. However, a couple months passed, still no response. Destiny obliviously was under qualified for any of these jobs. Now it was time for her to come up with a solution to her problem. She was desperate for money. This girl was willing to do anything and I mean anything. She thought about becoming a prostitute. Destiny went to boyfriend, told her that was not the way to go.
     “I know you having problems, baby, but you don’t have to do that.”
     “Alright Kevin, what can I do then?”
     “I know since you’re a good dancer you can work at the gentleman’s club on 8mile near John R.”
     “Okay I guess I really don’t have any choice but to do that.”
     The next day Destiny went to the club to see if they were looking for new dancers. The name of the club was All Stars. It was big and bright. When she walked in the club, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She has never seen such nice things in her entire life. The bar was painted metallic black with chrome running across the edges. The floor was a blend of gray and black marble tile. After she looked around for a while, she decided to go to the manager. She knocked on the door. It opened slowly and a tall, lean man stood there and looked at Destiny from head to toe.
     “Hello, may I help you, said the manager.”
     “Ah, I was wondering if you needed anymore dancers.”
     “Yes we need one more dancer.”
     “Can you dance?”
     “Yes, I can sir.”
     “Well you are pretty and you look a dancer. How old are you?”
     “I just turned eighteen.”
     “Okay great, well you’re hired. What’s your name sweetheart?”
     “Okay nice to meet you my name is Craig. I’m the owner and manager so if you have any problems come to me.”
     “Yes, Craig I will.”
     It was time for her first performance at the club. She had practiced for hours and she couldn’t wait to get on stage and show off her skills. During the performance the men in the crowd loved her. They applauded and screamed. At the end of her performance half the stage was covered with tips for Destiny. Destiny was so excited that she had made a total of five hundred dollars her first night. Now she would be able to pay some of the overdue bills, and go shopping. Destiny had been at the club a year now. She was making good money and she was very happy with her life now.
     One night when Destiny was to leave the club, Craig stopped her. He asked her if she wanted to be in some music videos, because he needed a girl, that he could depend on. Destiny jumped at the chance to be a video girl. She always admired how the girls could get paid just to be in a music video. This would also give he an opportunity to meet some of her favorite artists. Craig promised her that she would receive 500,000 dollars a video. Destiny would be able to move out of the city and move to a suburb like Southfield or Farmington Hills.
     A few months had passed and Destiny had already done five videos. She was being featured in urban magazines as one of the hottest video girls of 2005. She was young millionaire but she was very careless with her money. She went to parties almost every night and bought something everyday. She bought an immaculate house in Farmington Hills and she moved Kisha and Kevin in with her. They were one big happy family.
     Until one day she got a call from her accountant and told her that she had no money left to pay her debts. She had wasted all her extra money on all those unnecessary things. Now she had to file for bankruptcy to cancel all her debts. Destiny lost everything even her new home. Her accountant told her that if she didn’t stop being so careless with her money, that one day, it would catch up with her. As a result of her foolishness, Destiny had to move back to her old neighborhood and go back to the club. Now she is just a has-been video girl working at the local strip club.
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