Death Penalty-Correct choice?

Death Penalty-Correct choice?

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Although thought to be a problem in the past, the death penalty in today’s world has been proven to be an injustice and an immoral sentence for the people convicted.
I believe that we do not have the right to kill anyone as a consequence for his or her past choices or actions. Just because a person murdered another, does not mean we have to also put another human being to death. It is God's decision what their fate should become, not ours. Perhaps we should try to make the person who did the crime be punished in another way for their crime. By placing the convicted murderer in prison for the rest of their life, we would be showing a humane punishment rather than inhumane. We could have the criminals be a part of a prison work program.
Through work, the convicts can pay back the loss of a human life in some way and yet will be able to think about the harm and grief they have caused others because of their terrible deeds.
The victim’s family will always remember their terrible loss of their loved one. By placing the killer in a high-security prison for the restof his/her life, the family will feel that justice is served. The convicted killer will be unable to physically hurt the family or come in contact with them for as long as the murderer is alive. Although some believe that the death penalty may make the family feel better

to have the murderer killed, it does not bring their loved ones back. By using the death sentence, it not only affects the murderer and the victim’s family, it also affects the Jury. Not only does the Jury need to give up their time and money, but the decision to put another human to death could be a hurtful responsibility that will not be forgotten by those who had to make a decision like this.
Sometimes people on Death Row are wrongfully killed. These people may have been mistaken for another and an innocent man or woman might be put to death. We may not be 100% sure it is the guilty person we are sending to their death. No one deserves death, no matter what they did. By putting them to death, we are just as guilty for putting another to death. We cannot make that choice.

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Do unto others as you would do unto them.
The cost of capitol death cases is high. Non-death penalty cases had a median cost of $740,000 and death penalty cases had an higher in investigation costs and 21 times higher for appeal costs. For life imprisonment, the average cost is about $600,000. The average cost for a person given the death sentence is about $3.2 million in expenses.
Because of the points stated here, the death penalty is not the
correct choice to punish another human being for their wrongful acts.
The death penalty is immoral to the human race.
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