The Light In The Forest

The Light In The Forest

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The Light In The Forest             


Conrad Richter's book, The Light In The Forest, is about a boy from Pennsylvania who was adopted into an Indian family. After a long period of time, True Son had to go back to his white family. The ordeal in the story is that he wanted to go back to the Indians and not stay in the white village. When he came back, he made a big mistake and got kicked out of the Indian village. In my opinion, Cuyloga made the most difficult decision in the novel when he decided to send True Son away at the end.


My first reason why it was difficult for Cuyloga to make this decision is that he loved his son, and he wanted him to live. He knew True Son didn't mean what he did, but it just happened. So he decided that since he was the father he should take full responsibility for True Son's action. When he wanted the Indians to fight True Son, they didn't. So instead he told True Son he had to leave and not come back. If he came back, he would be killed. Parents have to make difficult decisions for their children because they care for them. If they didn't make decisions, something could happen to the children.


Secondly, it was a difficult decision because Cuyloga thought if he stood there and watched them kill True Son, he couldn't face his family at home. His family would be mad at him if he let the Indians just kill him. He thought if he spared him his life and never saw him again, everything would be okay because he'd be much safer. He chose to make him leave because he cared for True Son. I would have done the same thing for True Son's sake. At least I'd know he was alive and not scalped.

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To sum it all up, I think Cuyloga made the most difficult decision even thought he didn't want to. He had to do it for himself and for True Son's life. If he would have told him to stay, True Son would have been dead. If I was Cuyloga, I would have done the same thing. And so, in my opinion, Cuyloga made the most difficult decision in the novel.

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