Dead Poets Society

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The spine twisting movie that should be used as a role model to all parents would be Dead Poet’s Society. This movie gives parents a lesson in adolescent parenting skills. Skills that are usually over looked by every parent. Pushing your child you may have thought was good to a point, pushes some kids to the thought of suicide.
     This movie is about Welton an all boys college preparatory school for the rich. Mr. Keating who is the new English teacher there, was once a student there also. He enters the class room with a different style of teaching. While other teachers were stiff neck and had a conventional style of teaching, Keating came in with a style that was unorthodox and the other teachers feared this. He came into the class room preaching “Carpe Diem” which means seize the day. He taught the kids to be free thinkers, and ways to read poetry deeper that just the words. The biggest thing that he introduced his students to was the Dead Poet’s Society, an organization that sucked the bone marrow out of life was started with Keating himself and ended when he graduated. The students were intrigued and started this secret society as soon as they could. The students soon realized the true meaning of poetry. They were able to be come better poets and interpreters of the true meaning of poetry. The students start to realize that this is there life and their parents cannot make all there decisions. Once one of the students realize this he has a tragic accident. Mr. Keating is fired because the administration blamed him.
     Neil Perry was a student at Welton. He was very fortunate to go there, his parents made some great sacrifices. In return for the sacrifices his parents had to make, his father felt it was necessary to make his decisions for him. Mr. Perry would not allow Neil to participate in any extra-curricular activities. Neil went behind his fathers back and auditioned for a play, and received the lead role. He needed a letter of approval from his father, so Neil wrote it himself. Once his father found out he flipper and said, “Neil I will not allow you to ruin this great opportunity to be an actor, what are you stupid.” Mr. Perry also told his son that he must drop out of the play the day before its premiere.

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Neil did not drop out, and he preformed. Once the play was over Mr. Perry asked for Neil and got him. His father asked “did Mr. Keating put you up to this.” Neil said “no”. His parents never realized that it was not Mr. Keating’s unorthodox teaching style that pushed Neil to do it, it was the doing of his own parents. For that they suffered a great tragedy.
     This is a must see for all parent that want to push there kids to far. A good movie for parents going through there children adolescence stage of life. All parents must go and see it please before it is to late.

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