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     While it is popularly associated that rape involves a kidnapping of some type by a criminal that the victim has never come in contact with before, this belief has been disproved over the years by the number of cases of acquainted rape, also known as date rape. Date rape is forced or coerced sex between partners, dates, friends, friends of friends, or general acquaintances, often with the illegal use of drugs to alter the state of mind of the victim. Recent statistics show that the most common form of rape is date rape, which comprises 78 percent of all rapes. Rape itself is a very common occurrence, with one in four girls falling victim to an attempt before they are 25 and three out of five of these rapes occurring before the victim has reached eighteen. Not to be forgotten, men as well can be and have been sexually taken advantage of without their consent, either by other men or, in limited cases, women.
     Often times, drugs are used to alter the state of mind of the victim of the date rape. Aside from the encouraged or almost forced intake of excessive alcohol, the most common drugs used are Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB), and Ketamine Hydrochloride, these drugs referred to by a number of names, including “ActiveSex,” “Roofies,” “Ruffies,” “Roche,” “R-2,” “Rib,” and “Rope.” These drugs, commonly called date rape drugs, act very quickly and are odorless and tasteless, making them very difficult to detect when mixed in drinks or with other drugs. Some are able to render the victim nearly unconscious and greatly hinder memory, yet still leave the victim with enough consciousness that they can be responsive and can seem to others to not be under any seriously dangerous intoxication. However, in reality, the victim will become a passive participant, essentially defenseless but still able to play a role in what is happening in the environment. Also, the drugs will leave the body within 72 hours of ingestion and are not found in any routine toxicology screen or blood test so it is very difficult to determine whether or not the drugs have been used in a rape case unless the victim goes to the authorities almost immediately after the incident has occurred and explains the symptoms that they experienced that were likely to be caused by some type of drug that they did not knowingly take.

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     Although drugs can be used to limit mental capabilities and decision-making skills, date rape can still be avoided. The best and sometimes only thing that a victim can do to avoid date rape is to forcefully say, “No!” to the rapist and fight it off as much as possible. Even doing so, date rape can and often does still occur. As a victim to a date rape or even just an attempted date rape, or for that matter any type of rape at all, one must act as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this does not happen often, as there are almost always numerous mixed feelings involved after a recent rape and the victim is fearful and hesitant to report it due to confusion and shame.
     It is important for girls to know that relationships are not dangerous most of the time and can be a great source of love as long as the relationship is healthy and each partner has respect for the other. It is when the relationship is unhealthy that it should cause concern. In an unhealthy relationship, one member may be pressuring the other member into becoming more intimate than he or she would choose to on his or her own. Sex is not something that one person owes to another, but an agreement between two people, who have come to this decision on their own. Rape may involve sex, but it is not an act of passion or love. It is an act of violence and aggression and a serious crime that leads to disadvantages that greatly outweigh any benefit that may be the cause of a rapist’s ways.


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