daisys contribution to the great gatsby

daisys contribution to the great gatsby

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In one of the greatest works of the Twentieth Century, "The
Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald, there are many dynamic and
round characters which greatly add to the story's theme. One
character, Daisy Fay Buchannon, is made essential by way of her
relation to the theme. With her multi-dimensional personality
and relation to the conflicts, she becomes needed in order to
convey the meaning. Not only this, but she is also an important
part of the plot.

Daisy Buchannon is a round and dynamic character with many
different sides to her personality. Early on in the book, she is
portayed as sweet and innocent. Her white and seemingly floating
dress appeals to Nick in this way. She grew up as "the most
popular of all the young girls in Louisville." Even then she
dressed in white. Daisy also keeps a daughter around as a show
toy. Whenever company comes over, she beckons for the little
girl to come and put on a little act for everyone. This is
signifies her life. She is kept in the closet until it's time to
show off for company. Daisy becomes radiant and personable.
When everyone has gone, she is a bored housewife, of no
importance to the world wondering aloud what she is going to do
with the rest of her life. She appears to be bored yet innocent
and harmless. Yet her innocense is false. Simply a materialistic
young girl and has little mind of her own is underneath all of
that covering. Daisy rediscovers her love with Gatsby because of
his nice shirts and large house. Daisy has been well trained in
a rich family. She has grown up with all of the best. When
Gatsby failed to contact her, she went off and married another
man, without evening having heard word from Gatsby. All of these
many and round characteristics add complications to the plot and
dimension to the meaning she adds to the book.

The afore mentioned characteristics also help to create some
of the main conflicts. Daisy was involved in the conflict
between her and Tom. Tom had a mistress and Daisy was upset by
it. Another conlfict is her love affair with Gatsby. Her
appearent sweetness and innocence allow Gatsby to fall in love
with her. But her impatience and ingorance of true love or the
meaning of truth or compassion allow her to flawlessly marry Tom,
without a sober thought of Gatsby. He falls for her, which leads
up to the futher conflict. The conflict is, whether or not she
will fall in love with Gatsby. Gatsby is still in love with her

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after five years. He hopes and dreams that she is too. This
creates another conflict: Gatsby's dream. When Gatsby was
seventeen, he dreamed of being rich and powerful. When he ment
Daisy, his dream changed. His goal was to see if he could reach
his dream. This conflict helps to add up to the main theme.

The way the conflicts created by Daisy help the theme are
numerous. The most significant way is that she is the central
corruption of Gatsby's dream. The dream began as a simple bid
for happiness. Yet Gatsby was corrupted by money. He wanted
money. He believed that money would make him happy. When he
became rich, his dream was then centered upon Daisy. Daisy was
the only thing (or at least he thought) between him and
happiness. This personifies the meaning being conyed by
Fitzgerald. That the American dream has been corrupted by money.
Another theme is that everything is not as it appears. Daisy
appears to be sweet, innocent, and intelligent. While underneath
her "white dress" lies a corrutped innerself. She is crude and
showy, all an act to attract people to her. This theme is
displated in almost every character. Everyone appears to be
someone they're not, just as people in the society of the 1920's.
With prohibtiion and the extremely active nightlife of the
"Roaring 20's," everyone had something to hide. This is
displayed in Gatsby, who is involved in the drug trafficing
business -- almost a mobster. Yet he appears to be simply a
smart business man. Daisy herself is a good example, and adds
greatly to the meaning of most of the meanings.

All in all, Daisy contributes and is essential to the story
through her personality, conflicts, and themes. Being a three-
dimensional character, she is an excellent addition to the novel
and greatly increases the meaning. Without her, the story would
lack many certain elements which are crucial to the theme.
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