Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

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I do feel that they will be effecitve and in the next few pages I will explain why I feel this way and why I have taken this stand.
First of all I read through the whole charter and as boring as it was I made it through unscaved. Just like anything in order to have something you need a purpose. A reason for doing something. The reason why this charter was brought forward was because that they realized that during that century millions of children, mean and women have been victims of unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity. That sounds like enough for me. When I read that, I was think “Oh my God”, I mean come on unimaginable atrocities. It is obvious that something that to be done and even the littlest change would make a difference.
The first thing they did was establish a “Court”. This court was permanent and had the power to exercise its jurisdiction over people for the most serious crimes. What I like about this and a reason why I feel it will work also is that in the beginning of the charter is that they have a relationship with the United Nations. This relationship only makes this court stronger.
Part III of the charter looks a lot like a military code of justice. It set’s principles to be followed by the court or in the military a Commander if you will. It appears to me that this charters strength is in Part III, because here is where all the rules or articles are that explain what can be done by the court and what can not be done. It breaks it down to the core, including what to do with someone under 18 years of age. I feel that this is where the strength of the court lies. It defines who is a criminal and who is not, it tells us when the court can pursue a criminal or when a crime is not comitted.
The further I got into the parts, the more I strongly I feel about saying they will be effective. It seems as if this court is no different then another court we have in the USA. Part four set’s up the membership. It states who is in charge of what and what their responsibilites should be. When you have people who know what they are supposed to do and that they are held accountable to their jobs then failure is not an option.

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Another positive is that all their judges are elected. It is not something that just gets handed out. This is a good thing because then it’s not just one big popularity contest.
Parts five through seven cover Investigation, Prosecution, The trial and Penalties. After reading through these I don’t think it is much different then how we conduct bussiness on US Soil. Article 55 in part Rights of persons during an investigation sounds a lot like Miranda rights. It is evident that they have all the checks and balances covered so that no criminal gets off scott free because of a mistake.
Part eight looks like something out of LA Law or one of those crimes show we see on a daily basis. What I mean by this is that in this part it discusses what the Prosecutor can do if they want to appeal the case. Furthermore it also goes into compensation for criminals who are incarcerated that are innocent. This charter is no different than what we have today.
Parts nine through thirtheen are mostly administrative procedures and what to do in certain instances. It ends with clauses that go into entrance of this statue and withdrawal and procedures for both.
To conclude I did find that this reading was interesting and wondered why it took so long for them to institute such a statue. While reading the overview, they specifically state that they needed an International Criminal court because they want Justice for all, end impunity, help end conflicts, to remedy deificiencies of ad hoc tribunals, to deter future war criminals & to take over when national criminal justice institutions are unwilling to act. Those reasons along with the above that I have provided are enough for to believe that with proper supervision of this charter and time it will be as effective as any criminial justice system.
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