Letter To The Principal

Letter To The Principal

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Dear Mr.Johnson,

This Letter is on the issue of closed campus, in my opinion this should
not even be an issue. County High Scholl students should be able to go out
during lunch, we have a right to choose what we pay for and we have the right to
seek a comfortable environment. I have very strong reasons to back up my opinion.

     If I want to not wait in line for at least five to eight minutes for
food I must skip the trip to my locker and lag around a heavy bag which has my
first, second, third and fourth hour books in it. This brings up another
serious problem in Haslett schools; room! In four corners it's practically a
mosh pit after every hour, this is a whole separate problem which needs
immediate attention. Once I finally get my lunch I have a second much harder
task to tackle; finding a seat. The Cafeteria is way over capacity and simply
can't handle the amount of people that is must. After I have everything I can
start eating, by this time I have wasted away twenty minutes of my precious
lunch period. Mr.Johnson, this is just not a suitable lunch arrangement.

     I must mention of second problem with lunchtime, this is even more
pressing than the first. Lunch Prices have been growing drastically and with no
reason at all, this could mean the school is pressed for money so you look for
the simple solution and make us, the consumers, pay more. I have heard that
this large amount of extra money is going towards better quality food; get real
folks how can you improve the quality of fries and pizza? And what can the
students do about this? Packing a lunch could solve some problems but this is a
major inconvenience to most. With today's busy life style people just don't
have the time to pack lunches. Instead we students are forced to deal with over
crowded lunch rooms and incredibly unfair prices. Mr. Johnson this is just not
suitable for a highly rated school system such as ours.

     I believe that when a young adult is denied much of his or her freedom
it has a rather disappointing outcome. Put your self in my shoes for a short
time, if you were not allowed to do anything much more than do homework and stay
in the house day and night what would you do? I would abuse my freedoms the
second and was able to and probably destroy my body in the process.

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I am not
saying that a closed campus policy will make kids party and do drugs, I am
saying it helps contribute. When the program D.A.R.E was put into operation it
was a good idea, however when the D.A.R.E program was ran about four to five
times on the same student it was a huge mistake. It made kids egar to try drugs,
I didn't just make this up either. I had a talk with some freshman that had a
real good dose of D.A.R.E and this is the message they conveyed to me. This is
an example of what denying kids privileges can do.

     The solution to all these problems is easy, just go back to the old
policy of letting kids leave campus for lunch. There are new food facilities
closer by which will cut down on last minute arrivals. Its wrong to treat
students like small children, if you treat us like children then we will act
like children and do stupid things. If you give us some responsibility we just
may start acting more like adults.

Thank you for your time Bobby Weaver

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