Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Crash by Jerry Spinelli

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Crash by Jerry Spinelli

     Setting: This book starts out in this kids house his name is crash. Then they go to the arcade. That is where they spend most of the story. Then close to the end they go to the riverside.

     Main Character: Crash he is the only one mentioned in this whole book. He is the main main character. He is tall has blonde hair, brown eyes, and has glasses. He has a funny personality. He just wants to have fun. On the outside he is a weird, tall, skinny guy on the outside but a lost, hopeless, scared boy on the inside.
     Winnie is the girl that Crash likes loves dearly. She never paid much attention to Crash though. She has dirty blonde hair, really pretty blue eyes and, and is really funny.     

      Plot Summary: This is a story about a kid named Crash. When he was four he met this boy named James but that was all that was told about him so I didn’t put his name in the character list because he wasn’t all that important. He and Crash got into a lot of trouble at their house I mean a lot so one day when they were 12 and 13 Crash’s mother kicked him and his friend James out to go to the arcade. There they met this girl Winnie that crash liked I mean loved dearly but, she never really realized him until that day when they went to the arcade.
     There he got into this big fight with the a big strong guy named Biff that was all said about him too. The guy Biff was Winnie’s really greedy boyfriend which she was only going out with because he threatened to kill her friends. That day Crash accidentally bumped into Biff and said excuse me and Biff punched him he then kicked Biff in the face since he knew karate then Biff fell to the ground and chased him until Crash jumped over James on to a game and did a back flip kicking Biff in the face again and knocking him out.
     After that Winnie was amazed and fell deeply in love with Crash. For being the only person to stand up to Biff and saved her from him. After that whole big incident at the arcade they were kicked out so he, James, James’s girlfriend, and Winnie all went to the river side.

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There they were all jumped by Biff and his gang but that is a whole different story.

     Theme: The theme of this story is that don’t judge people from what they look like on the outside because they can do a lot more things than look like themselves.

     Literary qualities: The literary quality of this story I liked most is how the author put a lot of descriptive writing in the story because with out it would be really hard to understand the story.

     Evaluation: It was a good book I would rate it excellent. I would suggest this book to any one who likes happy stories with kind of messed up endings.
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