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“Can you believe that crazy girl Mom?”, asked Brenda.
     “Well she does love excitement and is willing to try anything like that.”, Explained her mom Bonnie.
     “ Yeah, but bungee jumping? I just can’t imagine myself doing something like that! But that’s probably why I love her so much. She’s always excited about something and somehow has the power to rub off on people.” Said Brenda.
     “Yeah she’s always excited about something new every time I see her. She’s just so cute when she plays with Molly, you know, Molly just loves all that attention Daralynn gives her. The dog and Daralynn are both excited little creatures. So, how is her softball going? I heard from Uncle Brett that she was getting some good hits these last couple tournaments. “
     “Oh yeah! It’s going great Mom. She has been hitting so good this season. And her team has done better this summer than they’ve done in a long time.” Explained Brenda.
     “Oh really? That’s great! I haven’t has the chance to se her play this summer yet. I would really enjoy watching some of her games soon. Are they having any local tournaments soon?” Asked Bonnie.
     “ Yeah, I think so, probably in a couple weekends.” Said Brenda.
     “ Is Daralynn still going to that church? Is she still involved with all that?” She asked her daughter.
     “Yeah , in fact she goes to bible study every Monday, Airborne every Thursday and church on Sundays as long as she doesn’t have softball. Also, summer camp is coming up soon. She has so much fun at that winter camp and summer camp last year. She's really excited about that also. I love the activities that church has, they always have fun stuff for teens to do, and it’s great.” Brenda explained anxiously.
     “Good! I’m glad she's involved in positive activities. That’s always good for you. I’ve noticed she’s had a more positive outlook about things around her and always wants to help. At least that’s how she is every time she’s here. I’m going to have to check out that church sometime, all those kids are going there now, even the cousins, Andy, Chad and Allison.” Responded Bonnie.
     “ Yeah I’m definitely happy that she’s going to church things rather than, me worrying about her being out somewhere that I don’t know, and all I have is her pager number and sometimes when she’s “out” she’ll leave it in someone's car or something.

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I’d much rather her be at church activities.” Brenda said.
     “Yeah that's great I’m happy she’d putting herself in those kind of places. Well tell her good luck this weekend at softball, in Reno right?” Asked Bonnie.
     “ No, Reno tournaments not until next weekend, but I’ll tell her. Have a good week, bye mom.”
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