gatcolor Color of Money in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

gatcolor Color of Money in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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The Color of Money in The Great Gatsby   


A major aspect of The Great Gatsby was the effect that money has on each one of the characters.  Money influenced Daisy’s love, it influenced Tom life, influences Nick’s wants, Jordan’s standards, and money also pushed Gatsby to get what he lost.
    The effect money has on Daisy is noticed from the beginning.  She is married to a wealthy man in which she says she loves.  The love for her husband is not the same love that she has had with other men. This love is influenced mainly by the amount of money he has.  She has experienced true love, but not with husband or a wealthy man.  The story tells us about her love with a poor man when she was younger living in Tennessee.  Daisy came from a wealthy family so it was expected of her to marry a wealthy man whether or not she really loved him.  Not only did money influence the people that she was interested, but how she looked at anyone that did not have money.
    Money also influenced Daisy’s husband Tom.  Tom has always been wealthy.  He was born in to the wealth, and raised in it.  Tom’s money was considered to be old money that also said that he was influential.  Tom looked at people that did not have money as if they were no ones.  Tom had a mistress that did not have money, but he would have never thought of marrying her because she was poor.  Tom treats people how ever he wants because he has the money and they do not.
    Nick is a man that has a fair amount of money, but he is struggling to live the life that he is trying to make it in.  Nick thinks that money is the only thing in the world.  He is struggling to make more so that he can live the life that he wants.  Nick visits his cousin Daisy in hopes that her husband might somehow get him a job that pays good money.  The house that Nick lives in also tells how much money he has.  The house is fairly small, but it is in the West Egg that is an area which was for the people that have money.  Nick was content to live in the West Egg although the people that really have money would live in the East Egg.

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  Nick was highly influenced by money because he wanted it so bad.
    Jordan Baker was another person that was influenced by money.  Jordan’s family was not the least bit wealthy, but she had made a name for herself,  by playing golf.  She may not have had the money, but by being so good at golf she was associated with wealthy people.  She has her standards for her men they have to have money.  Nick asked Daisy if Jordan would marry a man like him.  Daisy said probably not.  Money has a lot of influence on Jordan because of her social status.
    Gatsby is a very wealthy man, now.  Originally when he met Daisy he had no money.  The pursuit of  Daisy was his main intention when he started to make his money.  Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, who was fairly wealthy at the time.  Daisy got married some years later when Gatsby had gone off to war.  After Gatsby had returned, and learned that she was married and where she lived Gatsby started making his money, getting as close as possible with out being known.  The entire time that Gatsby was making his fortune the only thing he had on his mind was Daisy.  Money was the only thing he knew he could use to get Daisy back with.  The time that Gatsby and Daisy got back together she learned that he acquired some money and that he did it just for her.
    Money plays a big part in the life of the characters of The Great Gatsby.  Daisy would only marry a man that had money. Tom uses his money to get whatever he wants.  Nick is trying to acquire money so that he can achieve whatever happiness that may come with it.  Jordan does not really have the money but she is associated with it, and the people that have it.  Finally there is Gatsby who makes his money for one purpose to get back what he had once lost.  Money played a big role in each one's life as it plays a role in most peoples lives.

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