Battle Between Good and Evil in Dr. Faustus

Battle Between Good and Evil in Dr. Faustus

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Battle Between Good and Evil in Dr. Faustus       


The story Dr. Faustus represents the constant battle between good and evil. Every day, we are faced having to choose between the two, even if there seems like there is no solution. Faust, in the story Dr. Faustus, represents those that choose to stoop to a lower level in order to get what they want. The good angel and the bad angel are the morals that pull the Faust's soul apart, forcing him to make a decision that can effect his future. The story Dr. Faustus is a great example of how one wrong decision can cause an everlasting burn.


In the story Dr. Faustus, there is a battle of good versus evil going on. Faust is a man who is desperate for power and control. He wants to do anything he wants to do, and control anything he wants to control. That is where Mephistophales, a blood-sucking devil appears, preying on Foust and his confusing soul. Mephistophales was in heaven, and was kicked out. His soul is burning, and so he is desperate to take Foust's soul with him. Misery does love company. Faust wants power when he states "I charge thee wait upon me whilstg I live. To do whatever Faustus shall command".(Act 1, scene 2,lines 33-34). While Faustus demands his power, Mephistophales is miserable in hell. He wants Faust's soul, and the two make a trade.

Meanwhile, the good angel appears. The good angel is trying to convince Faust to drop this insanity, because the bible is what he should be reading, rather than the magic book. When it seems like the angels have gotten to Faust, the devils appear. It is an insult to the bad angels to hear Christ's name in their presence. While the good angels are telling him to repent, the bad angels are giving him a taste of pure hell. (p48) They bring out the seven deadly sins. (48) Lucifer, in the meantime, worked his magic, and Faust signs the dotted line. It is over. The seven deadly sins represent the agony of hell. Faust now became the eighth. He now became just as evil and manipulative as Mephistophales. He now was forever damned.


Temptation is society's worst enemy. When challenges arise, everyone wants answers, even if that means taking the wrong route. A great example of Faust in our society is robbery.

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Although most robbers know that it is morally wrong, despair for money and control turns their soul to the devil, who is ready to take advantage. After all, going to prison is like going to hell. That is the price they will pay for allowing the devil's spirit to creep inside them, and let their souls burn forever.


I believe that the story implies a moral that temptations often lead to a disaster. We all have to do what is right, and not allow our despair to take over. When our consience tells us that what we are doing is wrong, the best thing to do is not to fight it. It is often time right. We can not take the dark road, even if it is surrounded by colorful decorations. After all, looks can be deceiving and coniving. We all have to take control and do what we feel is right. We can not allow the devil to take over our soul and destroy us!0

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