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Comparision of cities

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3 Cities Comparison Paper: Alexandria, Egypt

     There are some differences between Alexandria in 1000 A.D and present day Alexandria, Egypt. There are also some similarities, too.
In ancient times, the population of Alexandria was not actually calculated, but definitely far less than today. Presently, there is a population of approximately 3,380,000 people. Along with the increased population, comes a totally different way of life. In the past, people made their living trading products typical to their era and working for more prominent people. Nowadays, there are many factories and industries, such as oil refineries, automobile assembly plants, and textile plants. Trade is still a common way of life and business, but in a slightly different way. In the past, items traded were related to the time it existed. Now, items are more modern, according to the time period and what is in demand.
Another distinctive characteristic is the structure of society in Alexandria, Egypt. Ancient Egyptian society consisted in a structure closely resembling a pyramid, and actually still exists today. There is a system of castes and classes that range from the very rich to the very poor. Generally the society has not drastically changed, but is slowly but surely trying to catch up with the times and with the rest of the world.
A particular custom in this country which has changed is the idea and practice of marriage. Formerly, it was customary and dependably arranged and most of the times, at a very young age. This ritual or custom was particularly due to the families exchanging goods and other possessions between each other. Today, marriage has a completely different outlook. Women are able to choose who they wish to marry, but not without the consent and approval of the families.

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