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community responsibilities

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Do you believe that our community should have leaders, or do you believe that everybody should be truly equal in our environment? The United States is living in an environment where there is a small group of leaders that make decisions for everyone else. When you hear somebody say they are going to make decisions for you, you might be thinking you would have to tale that decision no matter what. Well, that’s wrong, there is still an opportunity on weather you have to take the decision or not. There are votes, when you vote you either agree of disagree with any decisions. If there were more people that disagree than there were people that agree, then you were left with what you wanted. You still had the opportunity to choose what you wanted. Being with a group of leaders to make decisions for a society doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have to take the decision. No matter what you still have the chance to decide. A group of people needs to be over others to help guide and make decisions because with no leader everything would be out of control, everybody’s decisions would not be heard, and a group with no leader would never be efficient.
A group of people needs a leader because without a leader everybody would be out of control and nobody would be able to deal with them. Without a leader not everything would be controlled. Anybody in a society with no leader would not know what he or she is doing. They won’t know what doing because there is not one decision maker that has good reasons for those decisions. Groups of people would gather around making chaos about everything. Some people make chaos and act wild because they don’t have a leader to till them what is right and wrong. People would be wild because they wouldn’t be controlled and it is impossible to get a big group of people together at the same time to be dealed with. Being out of control is not the only problem with being equal, but everybody’s decisions would not be heard.
Without having a leader not everybody’s decisions or opinions would be heard. A group of people or society always needs a leader so everybody’s decisions would be heard. Without a leader there would not be much communication. If a person comes up with a good decision or idea that person would not be able to let the whole society know about his or her ideas.

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The society should know what is going on in heir environment. Without communication and leaders nothing much could be done. Most of the people that live in a classless society and equal environment are not very good on making decisions by themselves. That is why a leader is helpful and there are votes so you can agree of disagree with the leaders decision. The other problem when your community has no leader is that the society would never be efficient.
A society with no leader would never be efficient. A society with a leader will always be efficient, though a society with out a leader will never be efficient. Without a leader there would not be much time consumed. There would not be time consumed because the people would not work very well and they will waste time and energy. There would not be enough time to work or gather people. A lot more time will be needed. The time must be used wisely because dealing with a large amount of people. The working time would have to be reduced because more time would be spent gathering all the people and talking with each other to see who is going to do what. Those were he things that would happen if there is no leader in a society. The problems were proven with realistic examples.
The world without a leader would be strange. When there is a truly equal society they all have the same rights which is good. Even though when you have a leader the people would be efficient. The people would work hard and well to get what they want. Though a group of people with no leader don’t even work hard to earn what they want because there is nobody to make the decisions for them. A classless society doesn’t know how to make good decisions for themselves. When they do have some decisions made they can’t hear everybody’s decisions; so there will be a lot more time needed. It will also be impossible to get everybody together at the same time to communicate with each other. There would be a lot of chaos, wilderness, and out of control ness when there is a society without a leader. No matter what many people would be living better if there was a group of people over others to help guide and make decisions. A society without a leader would be out of control, everybody’s decisions would not be heard, and a group with no leader would never be efficient.
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