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Communication Report

Effective Communication Changes the World

This flowing report takes a look at some of the methods of communication observed at Liberty Bell Component Inc. over the past seven weeks. The report may discuss three communication models: 1) an external email message from LBC’s sales department. LBC use email to communicate with their customer mentioned that they were offering a discount on marketable products, 2) a fax message from sales manager. LBC use fax message to complaint about the late delivered, and 3) an external letter from LBC’s sales manager. LBC invited their business members to join the Component Convention in 2005. Each communication model may include three subjects: models’ describe, analyze and recommendation. The report may describe each model in great detail, and analysis the communication with the information necessary for assessing the effectiveness.

Describe and analyze the communication model of E-mail message
*Please see Appendix I
This is an external email message from LBC to the U.S. manufacture’s company. The email subject is “discount on marketable products”. In this email, LBC offered a special offer of a10% discount on all their products to their customers for only a month. They mentioned the products were very marketable, and it is their final stock and is now out of production. They highly recommend their customers take advantage of this offer and make large order. The tone of the message gave stress the benefits for the reader. In the end of the paragraph, LBC using highlight on the sentence to remind their customers LBC cannot accept the order once they have elapsed. Finally, LBC provided their contact information which including the phone number, fax number, email address, contact person, and company’s address. As we know the email service is always automatic showing the sender, the receiver, and the received day. Therefore, the receiver can clearly understand the sender is and when is the due day for the LBC discount.

In this new electronic world, Email is an effective communication model for business to business. I believe strongly in the value of electronic mail in corporate. Email is cheaper and faster than a letter, less intrusive than a phone call, less hassle than a FAX. Using email, differences in location and time zone are less of an obstacle to communication. There is also evidence that email leads to a more egalitarian information structure. Email is more conversational than traditional paper-based media because the turnaround time can be so fast.

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The sender LBC discounts their products only for one month; Email is the best choice to contact for each receiver as soon as possible. With Email documents, the recipient can ask questions immediately. Email thus tends, like conversational speech, to be sloppier than communications on paper. Although email has

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers is by utilizing email on promotions. This is a very cost-effective way to reach customers, with the added benefit of targeting different customer segments. Via email, LBC may communicate with their customers and get feedback immediately. In this document, LBC clearly provided all the information to their customers and also the contact information such as contact person, email address, phone, and fax number. It is recommended to use the company email system instead of the personal email. It is easier for the employees to differentiate the company and personal messages. Besides, it is suggested the sender should use the signature blocks at the bottom of the email messages. A professional business email format should including the company letterhead and links to company website. This is a more precise email function for the company.

Describe and analyze the communication model of Fax *Please see Appendix II
This is an external fax message from LBC to Mayia Stationery Inc. The sender was LBC’s sales manager and the receiver was Mayia Stationery Inc. sales manager. In the beginning of the message, the receivers’ name, address, company name and fax number were on the top of the document. The first sentence showed the invoice number. The tone of the message gave expression to unhappy and dissatisfied with the late delivery from Mayia Stationery Inc. In the second paragraph, LBC directly told to the receiver this message was to lodge a complaint against the late delivery of the last order for color photocopiers. They also showed the day of order and invoice number. In the third paragraph, LBC’s sales manager told the receiver they have shaken their confidence in their company. According to the late delivery, LBC had great inconvenience. LBC would like Mayia Stationery Inc. deliver the photocopiers at once as a matter of urgency.

Fax message is on of the best know communication models. Fax machines were the first network appliance. They combine a scanner, a computer, a printer, and a network connection. There is no doubt that with the increasing ubiquity of email the number of messages sent by fax has dropped while the number of emails has increased rapidly. Although the fax has dropped, outside of the technology industry, fax numbers are mandatory on business cards and stationery. In my observation, there are many advantages to fax. First, fax provides immediate and almost foolproof acknowledgement of receipt. Second, fax travels directly from sender to receiver over phone lines, the privacy of which is protected by law. Finally, when the email is down, fax is the perfect backup to email. Fax may remain an important business tool because it will remain the best tool for certain tasks.

Fax is a popular choice for business to business, and it is still regarded as the traditional way to communicate with other. It is suggested the fax format should including company letterhead. The letterhead may have the company’s website, phone number, fax and address. When the receiver got this fax message, he or she can immediately recognize who is the sender. Besides, this message was urgency. The sender should provide his own contact number or fax number for the receiver feedback convenience.

Describe and analyze the communication model of letter *Please see Appendix III
This is an external letter from LBC to their business members. LBC printed their company’s logo, address and website in the middle of the letter. Their logo includes the red color arc, gray capital letter, and gray company’s address. The sent day was above the sender. The receivers were the business members who have business relations with LBC Company. In this letter, they want their members to join the Component Convention. The convention may hold at the Palace Hotel. They clearly provided the convention’s schedule such as start time, lunch time, room number, location and the cost of the period. Besides, they require the members who were interested on this convention have to fill in the attached reservation form and return to their sales manager Allen Wang. Otherwise, LBC mention that no reservations will be accepted one month before the convention. Finally, they reminder their members to join this convention may enjoyable as well as productive. The tone of the message gave courteous and sincere. LBC sales manager’s signature and printed name were on the end of the letter.

The Business letter is the primary means of communication between companies, clients, and customers. Despite increased dependence on technology, such as videoconferencing and voice mail, the most frequent type of business communication is the written document. Like any other type of communication, the business letter should be clear, concise, ethical, professional, and accurate. This document is generally sent to people outside a company but can be sent to those within the company as well. A business letter should be written especially when a permanent record of the information is needed. Because business letters are normally sent to other professionals, therefore, always include a formal salutation and closing. Writing and creating an effective business letter is not only an important skill for company’s manager and business owner but also is an important training for business school students.

It is recommended the LBC’s letterhead should give more detail information such as phone number, fax number and company website. This document didn’t give the receiver’s information. A formal letter format should always include the recipient's name, address and postal code. Add job title if appropriate. On the end of the letter, the sender should furnish all the contact information detail. The sender need add his or her phone number, fax number and email address. Provide clear and formal information may accuracy to get the feedback from the customers.

A business writer should consider the tone of their message, whether they are writing an email, letter, fax message, or any type of business document. Tone is present in all communication activities. Business letters are the most important form of business communication, and it is more powerful and formal than other communication models such as email and fax message. Writing an effective business letter is an important skill for every manager and business owner. Business letters can be challenging to write, because the sender has to consider how to keep the reader’s attention. The key to writing business letters is to get to the point as quickly as possible and to present all the information clearly. The sender needs established aims, amassed the relevant facts with a conscious view of the recipient then write down the main points of the letter.
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