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     Throughout the many ages that the world has partaken, several cultures have been contrived among the almost seemingly abundant human race. Due to this extravagant collage amongst the world as a whole, many different views of the world have been created. Things such as race, religion, ethnicity, language, and personality as well are all things that contribute to the division of individual philosophy and belief.
     If there is a place here on earth that signifies, or emphasizes, the collage of culture, then a college would have to be it. People of several various dissimilarities will eventually have to communicate with one or another on a day to day basis for educational matters. These students have lived completely different cultural, economic, and academic lives as well as having physical dissimilarities.
     Though growth of the state of mind may be a result of time spent in college amongst the culture of the world, the way a person has lived their life may also be a contributing factor in individual philosophy as well. There are many people in today’s society that have significant setbacks amongst their lives that cause them to stop and think about what life is really about.
     A potential classmate that I believe I could learn a significant amount from either within or outside a formal classroom would definitely have to be someone of moral Islamic background. I believe that it would be an exquisite adventure to extend my philosophy with that of an Islam. As you can see, I’m not too worried about the problems associated with terrorism or Al-Qaeda, so therefore I can easily blend with someone of that nature.
     President George Bush made a decision to imbuke war on Iraq with only the best intentions of ending terrorism among the United States of America, not with the anger and lust for revenge that the majority of Americans seemed to react with.
     Back on subject, both Baptist and Islam have their similarities as well as their differences. I would mostly like to learn about what an Iraqi ethnicity must venture through in their life rather than their extravagant religion.

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I am sure that after several sporadic terrorist events, the Islamic ethnicity, or race as a whole, is mostly viewed as a threat to any American activity. I suggest that this is partially due to the natural immoral nature of the human being.
Therefore I am sure that an Islamic colleague would be a considerable area of interest upon becoming a potential classmate that I could learn a significant amount from either within or outside a formal classroom environment.
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