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Not everything I learned, I learned in kindergarten nor in the classroom for that matter. As a senior in high school I’m not only 1ft taller but hopefully a more enlightened person. It is necessary to understand that I am not the same person who began as a freshman four short years ago. Although I learned a great deal inside the classroom, I have also garnered a wealth of knowledge far from the hallowed halls of my high school. My involvement in academics, school related clubs and work experience have instilled unique abilities and characteristics in me that have transformed me from a naïve freshman into a well rounded motivated young man.
     Throughout my four years at Westwood High, I have taken advantage of the many clubs and organizations offered. My participation in these groups has allowed me to form new friendships with fellow students, teachers and people from the community. Starting in my sophomore year I joined the school newspaper, (Westwood Wire) and was able to showcase myself as a journalist. Although the stories were simplistic (“Food Fight results in Major Brawl”) they gave me a chance to play the role of a reporter and be a source of information and news for many of my peers. Another club that has been a big part of my high school career is the “Teen Mentors” group. On Friday nights I would act as a chaperone at the middle school dances. I had a responsibility to watch over younger students, provide them with an enjoyable and safe experience and most of all show them that I could be seen as a positive role model in their lives.
     From the initial summer of my freshman year to this very day I have had a job. Beginning in my fourteenth year I started working at Roche Bros supermarket as a bag boy, cashier, grocery clerk and as a source of new ideas for management. I learned the basics of running the grocery business, having seen first hand how each department of the store had to stay below a budget and at the same time provide an unparalleled service to the customer. I was to see the challenges that my manager faced of creating a schedule by which every employee was happy with their hours. I also was able to see various forms of marketing and examples of how Roche Bros sold itself.

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Apart from Roche Bros, I also served as a customer service representative for Hyde Park Savings Bank. As a “specialist” in dealing with many different people, I have developed good people and communication skills. Currently I am working at Dedham Savings Bank as a teller and assistant in the loan department. I have been able to assist people with their financial questions and I am able to point them in the right direction through services offered at my bank. I plan to study finance as my major, and my experience working at a bank allows me to learn about money first hand and the many different things that one can do with his money. My experience at Roche Bros and the two banks have taught me about marketing techniques, sales, business communication and basic finance. I have also come to realize that in order for any business to truly be successful it takes a total team effort where every man must do his job.
     These past four years are said to be the years when you grow and develop but also a time when you plot a path for the future. Personally, I have grown and developed from the person I was four years ago and I have begun to plot my own path for the future. I have been able to do all this from the well-rounded education I learned inside the classroom but also from what I did outside the classroom. My involvement in extra curricula clubs has taught me that I can be a positive role model and someone to look upon. My work experience has shown me the real life scenarios of what it’s like to run/own a business. I have been lucky to see the real uses business tools needed to become successful. I entered Westwood High school as a typical young teenager wary and a bit scared of what was to come. Four years later I leave Westwood High as a more polished young man enhanced with the skills and abilities to take onto college and the real world. The challenges I experienced in high school have prepared me well for the many new opportunities and experiences that college will offer. I’m ready to move on to this new chapter in my life.
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