Classifying Three NFL Teams According To Attitude

Classifying Three NFL Teams According To Attitude

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Classifying Three NFL Teams According to Attitude

The National Football League was formed decades ago by the merger of two national leagues. The Super Bowl is the traditional season-end activity that crowns the national champion. Each team represented starts with one of the original leagues.The number of teams active in the NFL does not remain the same for longr.o. the game of professional football is big business and can be highly profitable. When the NFL announces that it has approved new expansion teams, there is intense competition among team less cities to attract one of the franchises. The game is profitable for team owners and for players, but it also is profitable for the cities in which teams are centered. It contributes to the local economy and enhances the stature of the city in where a team is located.
Of course teams and their organizations are made up of individuals, but the teams themselves tend to settle into characteristics of their own. Once established in reputation, the team can remain with it for years regardless of the changes that occur within and around it. Example can be seen in any NFL team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are technically sound playing but very bad results. The team has been winning with much greater frequency in recent years, but it can expect to maintain the loser perception for years to come.
As teams take on their its own personality. Most of NFL teams relies rely on assessment of the number of games won compared to the number lost during a season or over a number of years. Teams also can be classified according to that personality, or at least according to the personality perceived by fans and the press. With the classification of good, average and bad. The Tennessee Titans will be used to show the good team the Minnesota Vikings will represent the average and the Dallas Cowboys will fill the role of bad.

The Tennessee Titans
The Titans provide a good example of how teams can change the perceptions that have built around them over the years. In the case of the Titans, the change was effected by moving to a new state, changing the team name, replacing personnel and replacing the coaching staff. The Titans hardly have the same team at all, but they formerly were the Houston Oilers. You should keep in mind that as the Oilers, the team had posted so many consecutive losing seasons that it had managed to destroy the reputation built during the winning years.

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The Houston Oilers always seemed to be rather ordinary. As the Tennessee Titans however the team has been a powerhouse on the field as well as an example of sportsmanship.
The Titans began playing better in the 1998-1999 season. Though based in Nashville, the team has stressed from the beginning its intention to be the team of the hole state, that’s how they got there name. There are a few players remaining from the old Oilers, but most have stayed on the team since its to Tennessee.
The Titans had a winning season, but they will not be playing in the Super Bowl this year. The team had difficulty playing sound football during the playoffs, and the team was eliminated from Super Bowl consideration in Of course this is not what makes the team a good one. It is important to local fans that the home team wins frequently enough to keep their games interesting, but the Titans have other qualities that are far more stable. Head coach Jeff Fisher appears to be a man of truth who expects nothing less from each of the team's players. When the Titans lose, Fisher's reasoning is that the team did not play well enough to win. Neither he or any of the players or other coaches has been found to blame any outside influence for a Titans loss. Others whine about officiating, fan involvement, weather conditions or any other reason that can take the focus off the team's failure to take the ball into the end zone. The entire organization assumes responsibility for losses, but it is equally willing to credit opponents' abilities after Titan wins. The entire organization presents integrity, and it is reasonable to assume that quality is not only superficial.
The Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings is an old team that has been in Minnesota for decades. In former years, the Vikings could be counted on to make opponents understand they had been involved in a real game. Even when the Vikings could not come away with a win, the team generally puts forth a lot of effort.
The Vikings also provide example of the former winner willing however. The team made four appearances in the Super Bowl during the decade of the 1970s.
While the Vikings cannot be said to be good in the manner of the Titans, neither can they be said to be bad. The Vikings have the unappealing position of being only lukewarm. The team and its supporting organization seem to have resigned themselves to filling the role of a filler apparently without much any effort to improve the team's fate. The student should consider that the Vikings are not whiners either, but neither do they seem to understand that there is more they can do.
The Dallas Cowboys
So if neither the Titans nor Vikings are overt whiners, which team is? Lets look to the Dallas Cowboys as the example of the bad sort of NFL team. Confidence that grew to arrogance was the trademark during the final Landry years, but the Cowboys delivered on their outlook of themselves for most of that time. The Cowboys failed to make a Super Bowl appearance during the entire decade of the 1980s. After posting two consecutive losing seasons, head coach Tom Landry was replaced with another. It was then that player arrogance and dirty playing was used, and the collective attitude of the team has not much improved even though that coach had a short career with Dallas. The current coach has been able to lead the team to a greater number of official victories, but the Dallas Cowboys have had few wins of which they truly can be proud.
If the Cowboys fail to play well enough to win, viewers can count on hearing a lot of excuses following the game. Either the officiating was bad, the playing field was unfamiliar or the players too tired for whatever reason. It is an unusual day that the Cowboys will admit losing a game because the opponent played a better game. The Cowboys grasp of personal and team excuses prevents the team from improving results, of course. Neither players early January. or coaches seem to be able to understand this connection, and it is likely that Dallas will be quite capable of providing the "bad" example for years to come.
As football is a game and can be rather expensive entertainment for a family, and fans prefer being able to see the home team win. Wins and loses are not only posted in teams statistics, however. The Titans win every time one of the players takes part in a community charity event or admits to not playing to expectations

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