Chronichles of a madman

Chronichles of a madman

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Chronicles of a Madman
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Character Physical Traits

Johnny- Tall, skinny, short black hair, dark venomous eyes
     “Johnny was a tall slender type person who hated the way he looked.” “He stared down with dark eyes that seemed to go on as an abyss of space.”

Squee- A small child with short black hair and blue eyes
     “Squee was Johnny’s friend, even if he didn’t want to be, it was strange Of Johnny to befriend a child.” “Squee is very short and portly with short black hair and blue eyes that were like giant sapphires.”

Jakki- Tall, slender, long black hair with white streaks down the front sides.
     “Jakki was a tall skinny Goth type girl with long black hair typically with white stripes down the front sides.”

Character Personality Traits

Johnny- Johnny is a crazy killer who will stop at nothing to annihilate the world’s population. Johnny is extremely cold hearted person who gruesomely murders any one who makes him mad. This is shown when he rips someone’s spine out of there body simply because the person sneezed on him.
Squee- Squee is very scared and can never grip reality, growing up with the terrible parents that he has. He can never be happy, the only person he has been friends with is Johnny and he is frightened to death of him. Inside Squee is truly a great person, this is shown when he helps a dieing dog heal and stay alive, Squee spent weeks helping the poor dog.

Jakki- Jakki is a strong, intelligent, brave person. She has been on the run from Johnny for almost two years. She has shown that she can overcome the hardest of times when she was right in the grip of Johnny’s wrath she was the only one to survive in a three mile radius.


     This story takes place in a post apocalyptic future world, Johnny chases Jakki all around the world, but the book never really names the specific places. The whole world is in ruins due to Johnny’s wrath.


     The first main event was that Johnny had met Squee. Johnny helped Squee understand that his parents are not the ones turning him into an evil person. Johnny helped Squee become a much better person

     Another main event was when Johnny was chasing after Jakki, Being the only person he has never been able to kill has been quite vexing to Johnny. This event has been very exciting.

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Johnny meets Jakki after escaping from an insane asylum. Johnny then tries to kill Jakki. After failing the murder Johnny chases Jakki around the world trying to kill her, leaving no one in his wake of destruction.

Venn diagram

Johnny                                              Squee
Differences                 Similarities             Differences
No emotions                    Hate themselves                Caring
Tall                         Black hair                    Short
Skinny                    Afraid to die                    Portly

Dear Stephen Natale,
     I really enjoyed this book. I loved the way you showed how corrupt a person can become just because of the people they grow up with. This book showed me that your parents play a huge role the character you develop while growing up.
Cody Peterson


Genocide- to eliminate a specific group of people
Eradicate- to destroy, kill, or eliminate some thing or someone
Wane- to disappear
Vex- To greatly annoy
Abhor- To deeply hate someone
Ardor- To deeply love someone
Mortify- To embarrass or humiliate someone
Culpability-one ability to feel guilty
Poignant- to feel greatly depressed
Jovial- To be very happy

     I learned from this book that your life is only as good as you want it to be. I also learned that the people you grow up with are the biggest influences on the development of your personality.

Interview with a character

1)     Johnny why are you so evil?
2)     Who was it that made you become this way?
3)     Were your parents corrupting you as a child?
4)     What is your favorite color?
5)     Have you always been evil?
6)     Do you ever feel happy?
7)     What is our favorite food?
8)     Why is it that you have lost your will to live?
9)     If you had one wish what would it be?
10)     What is your favorite animal?


     I am not like Jakki at all; for one thing she is a girl. She is always so strong, she can handle anything Johnny throws at her. I would never be able to run away for so long.
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