The Wiggles: A Children's Show

The Wiggles: A Children's Show

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Show #2: The Wiggles

1.     Give the title or brief description of the television program or scene.
The Wiggles are four men who entertain children with song and dance. The characters of the show are Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus , Captain Feathersword and the friendly Pirate . In this show they were singing a song encouraging children to be friendly even if they have a bad
Day. The song also validated childrens emotions, saying it is okay to feel that way . But there is also something that you can do about it.

2.     Is the television program designed specifically for young children?
Yes, the Wiggles are targeting young children. The lyrics of the songs are very simple. The language in the songs indicates a child’s prospective

3.     Did it intentionally aim at providing an educational message?
Yes, the song spoke about feelings. They validated children’s feelings. Letting them know that it is okay to feel that way. But it also challenged them to speak about it and try to do something aobut it.
4.     How many aggressive or violent acts are in the show? Did anything occur that you think might promote fear or distress for a young viewer. Why?
In this specific episode I couldn’t find anything violent.

5.     How many prosocial acts are in the show ? Briefly describe one.
Captain Feathersword made a mistake and had to ask Dorothy the Dionsour for forgivness. I thought that was a very good scene. They hugged at the end which gave the viewer a warm feeling.

6.     Are references made to both males and females ? How is each portrayed. Were there any role of cultural stereotypes? Was there any comment, scene or action that might send a message about social norms or expectations(e.g, discipline materialism, relationships)?

Yes, there are references made to both males and females. Dorothy the Dinosor is a female and all other characters are males. Males are dominant in this show.

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But Dorothy the Dinosor is portrayed as intelligent and capable. I didn’t get the feeling that she was portrayed as inferior.

7.     Would you let your won preschool child view this television show?
Yes, I would let my preschool child watch this show. It is entertaining and educational at the same time. It also challenges the child’s motorskills. They get a chance to dance and clap and test their physical abilities. The songs and choreography are presented in a simple, repetitive style.
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