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Child Development

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How To Prepare For The Birth Of A Child
     First of all Don’t be doing stuff that would make you at the risk for being pregnant, consider all alternatives, such as delivery, abortions, and adoption, and make a decision. If you decide to carry the child full term, continue on to the following step Make sure you have the means to pay for the options you choose. You will either need a very rich husband, or medical insurance.
      Vitamins, are very important take some every morning until the end of your pregnancy. If they make you puke, try taking them at a different time of the day. If they still make you sick, call your doctor. Your doctors will tell you to switch to a multi-vitamin from the store. If these changes do not work, you will need to change your diet to make sure you are receive all the vitamins you need.
     Prepare yourself emotionally. You need to change your personal habits and lifestyle based on the knowledge that your unborn child is defenseless, and needs to be placed as first priority. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, consuming excessive amounts of caffine, and other such habits should be stopped, or your baby ends up as a crack addict. You need to realize that soon you will not have the body of a supermodel.
     Start a journals to your child. This increase the bond between a mother and child. This will help you realize more rapid that there is an actual human being growing inside you. Write about important events that are happening during your pregnancy. This may be useful later in the childs life. Tell your baby what it feels like when you lay in bed waiting to count it’s fingers and toes.
     Take care of your body. Eat health foods and drink a lot of fluids.Drinking milk is a wonderful source of calcium. If you are experiencing morning sickness, start eating small healthy meals frequently, instead of three large meals every day. An empty stomach adds to the nausea. Avoid greasy foods, and foods that may give you heartburn. Heartburn is very common with pregnancy. Elevate your legs higher than the level of your heart as much as you can throughout the day, balanced with time spent walking around. Exorcise regularly. Do not over exert yourself, but try stretching and strengthening your leg and mid-body muscles.

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This will also help with controlling your weight gain. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, prop pillows under your legs, and back. Sleep in an upright position if possible, to help with breathing. Do not sleep on your stomach after your first trimester.
      The texture of your hair may change as well. Experiment with new shampoos and conditioners until you have desired results. I use a chicks shampoo, so its good to use herbal essences. And don’t do dumb stuff like use a hair dryer. It just burns your hair.
     Avoid danger. Fumes from hair permanents, nail polish removers, and perfume can be harmful, and sometimes create nausea. Do not go on rides at amusement parks. Stay away from Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and saunas. They are breeding grounds for bacteria, and the temperatures can sometimes be detrimental to your baby’s health. Consult your doctor about the proper usage of seat belts during pregnancy. Consult your doctor on the amount of weight you should be lifting.
     Invest in proper clothing. Your body will be growing rapidly, and you will need clothes that can grow with you. Do not wear clothes that will cut circulation or apply pressure on your stomach. Some women consider wearing back braces if they are experiencing pains due to the extra weight and odd proportioning. Comfortable, cushioned sneakers work well for distributing and carrying extra weight. They will also benefit you if you are having back pains.
     Stimulate your child. Shine flashlights on your stomach. Listen to soothing noise such as classical music. If you have headphones, place them around your stomach if you can, so your child can hear it more clearly. Sometimes they will respond to the music in later months by dancing around in your belly. Placing an empty cup on your stomach, and watching it move around, is a good indicator.
     Read a book about what to expect during pregnancy. This will inform you if you have any questions or concerns. Get a book that shows pictures of a growing fetus in every stage of pregnancy. This will help you to know how the child came to be from a tiny egg. Find answers to questions such as When you are supposed to feel the baby moving inside you. You will know that the child is most likely healthy if it is behaving in consistency with the book. Results may differ slightly. Consult your doctor if you are concerned with differences from the book.
     Without imposing, remind your loved ones that you are pregnant on occasion. Nine months can be a very long time. Sometimes the novelty of pregnancy wears off for others, and they forget important aspects such as mood swings and how much sleep you will be needing.
     Begin nesting. Clean and disinfect your house. Make sure the newborn has a clean and secure environment to come home to. The baby will need a place to sleep, clothes to wear, and food, if you choose not to breast feed. If you are planning on having a nursery made for the child, make sure it is painted and furnished significantly before it?s arrival. Stocking up on necessities for the first year of the baby?s life is very helpful as well. Extra clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, powders, creams, and shampoos are good examples.
     Pick out a suitable name for your child. Take into consideration family names, the child’s predicted personality, or simply choose from a book of baby names. I was very tempted to name my son after a soccer player. He loved to kick, especially my ribcage when I was sleeping. The child will need a name for obvious reasons, as well as for applying for social security cards and insurance purposes.
     Make important decisions about the day of delivery in advance. You may not be in the right state of mind to do so later. Who will be in the delivery room with you? Do you want medication or a natural birth? A lot of this stuff is really important to some women, but some just pop babies out in the fields. So I don’t know, just don’t have kids. Oh yeah and most of this information was taken from,
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